LittleBigPlanet - Super Mario Bros.

PSN user Naossoan does his best rendition of the Italian plumber. Little Big Planet for PS3 is a platformer with lots of community and user-creation elements such as this Super Mario Bros. video

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Jamie Foxx3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

the only limitation is your many other games can you say that about?

only thing wrong with the supermario level is the enemies didnt kill you if mistimed your jump on them,that needs to be programmed in.

Mr_Bun3494d ago

It is only the first Mario of many...You have to keep in mind that people are just getting the beta and figuring things out so it is better to get something out that other people can play then to "polish" it IMO. Otherwise you end up like me who is never happy and is constantly "tweaking" their level and never get it uploaded.

Off topic: I got Rick Rolled last night on one of the custom levels!...There is also a RROD level that I saw!

HighDefinition3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

LBP is the NEW Mario, this proves it.


Yep, Imagine the Mario levels after a year of messing around w/ the full set of tools.

TheTwelve3494d ago

My friend the X-bot asked me what the big deal is about Little Big Planet.

I told him that it's like Mario times 100.

Now you see why...and it will only get better.


juuken3494d ago

This game...omg...IT'S AMAZING!

Julie3494d ago

I will copy paste myself sorry :=)
The sackboy is cute there , and is funny (i have a 360 too, and i find it funny just in case)

Btw look at this level:
Seems like fun fun =)

/end of copypaste myself :3

Jamie Foxx3494d ago

ima have a look now...the dreaded rrod level lol

Julie3494d ago

And sorry my bad , the 2nd one is down, was a pretty fun level ala Tim Burton , dunno why it was taken down :(

Maxned3494d ago

This is the first time I've seen "LittleBigPlanet" in motion, and I really don't think it looked that great.. the enemies were WAAY too easy to kill and it generally looked really sloppy. I also cant stand it when a game is half 2d and half 3d, when you can move further or cloer away from the camera while in 2d. So retarded...

micro_invader3494d ago

The RROD level was great! Short but sweet :)

gunmetal3494d ago

Says it's a first draft, but it looks pretty neat already.

Lord_Ash3494d ago

Thanks for the videos really nice.

Lyan3493d ago

Why are all these boring reinterpretation levels getting this much attention? You can do a lot with this game, but it seems this and that retarded RROD level are the only things getting any looks. Both are uninspiring and not very creative. You copied a level from mario, wow how creative. Lets see some of the cooler variants and setups that this game is capable of instead of this.

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Hagaf223494d ago

game looks awesome, i just thought that level would be better, is that user generated?

Drekken3494d ago

Yeah its user created with the limited tools and items they give in the beta. Plus they couldnt have worked on it for more then 2 days...

Drekken3494d ago

LOL @ The disagree... Some people must hate life.

TheTwelve3494d ago

Oh, there are people who just disagree just to do so, likely people who won't/can't get this game.


TheSadTruth3494d ago

I'm underwhelmed, I could code a better mario game in 2 days with C#. It wouldn't look that pretty though ;)
If you can change the properties of every object, adjust the speed of everything, import your own 3d models, use your own music and sound effects, have animated and interactive backgrounds and the ability to create artificial intelligence and full-blown mods (with multiple levels back to back) then this game really is going to be something special

r2kcipher3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

that's good for u sadtruth.. u do realize that media molecule wanted to make this game fun for everybody.. right? C# is kinda useful but i have never enjoyed using it.. and not everyone can pick up on it.. why don't u ask sony for a development kit if that's what u want!!

thewhoopimen3493d ago

That's cool Sad truth. Why not code us a mario level in C# then? I'm sure we would all love to see it!~

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Splenda143494d ago

yeah i am playing in a beta I think i could make a better Mario Level

Drekken3494d ago

LBP is amazing. I went to start building and after hour and a half of tutorials I am rdy to build tonight.

With the limited tools people have... I have seen some pretty amazing stuff so far.

Final_Rpg3494d ago

It's only a matter of time before we see thousands of recreations of levels being made. This wasn't as well made as I wanted it to be, I guess it's only a beta so it can only get better from here.