Developers and Franchises for Sale

Gameplayer: When Activission and Vivendi merged, we expected that some games and developers might lose their home. Finally the news coming out of the camp is that most of Vivendi got dropped. This gameplayer article explores what games and studios are up for grabs.

"It was one of the most momentous deals of recent times: Activision, now the biggest games publisher in the world, partnered with Vivendi and Blizzard to form a super company - Actiblizzion… well, not quite. But despite its announcement way back in December 2007, it was only at this start of this month that all the legal mumbo jumbo got sorted and the company started communicating with media as a single entity. So it is only now that we can finally see who made the cut, and who didn't." - from gameplayer

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BrotherNick3671d ago

I wonder where Brutal Legend is going. :|