What Makes an "Enthusiast?"

Thomgame: The language that marketers and designers use to communicate with their consumers says a huge amount about the empathy and assumptions they have of their target audience. Electronic Arts and Crytek have found themselves in the embarrassing position of having got this spectacularly wrong with the settings menu for 'Crysis Warhead', as spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun.

Whether it was a design decision or a memo from the marketing department, it's easy to see what this menu is trying to achieve. However, the question is whether computer specifications are arbitrary, or if there is a correlation between the kind of computer that gamers own and their own playing behaviour. What is so outfacing about this example is that the menu assumes that particular specifications equal a particular person.

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kevco333581d ago

An article on a site I really like dealt with this recently, and got quite a lot of abuse as a result 'cause a lot of people weren't as hardcore as they thought!


But at what point is "hardcore" defined? I don't play many PC games, so am I not Hardcore, even though I own ALL of the Current-Gen consoles and handhelds? The fact that a developer - or possibly publisher - has their own opinion of these classifications of gamers automatically makes them relevant.