Gamespot: +10,000 participated in the LBP Giveaway

LarkAnderson, administrator on Gamespot, has just revealed that over 10,000 entries have been recorded during yesterday's LittleBigPlanet keys giveaway.

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dro3586d ago

i missed out.... :(

was it for the uk as well? that is were i am.

butterfinger3586d ago

tooooo many. If you answered in the first half hour you might be ok judging by that number. Oh well, we shall see soon enough:)

dbf3586d ago

I think it's more likely the first 5 minutes, they said they only had about 2,000 to give away.

butterfinger3586d ago

If you click the link it shows you that they have yet to appear.

Otak0n6933586d ago


butterfinger3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

the winners yet (except maybe Gamespot), but I know I sent my 2 emails within 2 minutes of the completion of the show.

Mc Fadge3586d ago

If you happen to be a lucky guy.... Could I have one? <3

Barca_V_V3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Quote "Long answer: Whenever we finish going through the 10,000+ entries we got"

not sure but i don't think its first-come first-out, because the admin is saying in his comment that they are going THROUGH the whole list and take the valid e-mails and then hopefully they send out the codes randomly.

otherwise, they wouldn't be bi*chin' about the number of e-mails coz it wouldn't matter if 10k or 10mil, coz once they are out of beta codes they would simply delete the rest.

Barca_V_V3586d ago

there goes my beta key :(

+10000 is too much , no way ill get in, not so lucky lately with the betas

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The story is too old to be commented.