Home: prepare to be a bit bored

Play was invited to the Home beta, earlier in the summer. After much analysis of the PS3's long-awaited social networking tool, here are their thoughts…

After entering our secret login from Sony, downloading the 200mb file and its 89mb update, Play finally had access to Home on the PS3. The expectations are ridiculously high for this virtual, Second Life-esque social space. Prior to sampling Home, they didn't really know what to expect, despite months of writing news pieces on the service and interpreting Sony's idealistic spiel. What were Play dreaming of? GT5 garages? Trophy cases showcasing Uncharted skills? Whorehouses? If not these things, they were hoping for a fresh, vibrant and innovative way of networking on the PS3; this, though, is not the first opinion that strikes you, upon entering Home.

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DavidMacDougall3679d ago

LOL What did you think it was going to be?

You use it when you wana talk to friends or thats what i think it is i dont know what it does

Ben10543679d ago

they expected trophy cases,
well this is a beta, and weve see trophy cases in home videos, so they should have them in the Open Home later this year
Its A Beta, i tested R2, i didnt get to play the full story mode, but its still going to be in the final game

VF34EJ253679d ago

"As the service became populated, we saw how it all came together. Home, when brimming with life, excitement and conversation is something that you’ll want to be a part of, and it could genuinely work as a social tool. The PS3 lacks a decent community aspect, and Home, if implemented properly, could very well bring the Network to a higher standard. It could be worth the wait."

Read the article folks.

Tarasque3679d ago

Well, what you did play was pretty much a finished product. There was no missing textures and such. Cause if they left stuff out of the levels that you could play then you would of had a different experience with it....

HighDefinition3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Home is GREAT, as it expands it`ll get even better, it doesn`t have much in it right now, but that because it a **BETA**. It`s a things thats made by the community, right now there`s not many people allowed in it. SO.....

AAACE53679d ago

But the way some fanboys were hyping HOME up, you would have thought it was a game or something. With comments like, "HOME is the greatest experience ever made!", "Xbox live will die when HOME hits!", "HOME will be so much fun!" (yes I have heard people say those phrases). I hope alot of people are pleased with it and go into it knowing what to expect, cause I believe there are some people expecting something like the second coming of christ!

One good thing though... I originally thought HOME was going to be a HDD eater, and feared it would take up 10 Gb's because of all the stuff you could do! It's good that it takes up less space that that though!

mindedone3679d ago

I could fling monkey poo at your and not charge you for it, but I'm sure you would find a way to complain about it. And technically it's not free, I hate how people say it's "free". There's no additional charge beyond the initial fee (i.e., buying a PS3) but one must still buy the PS3. Don't get me wrong, I like Home. But there is no problem being critical of our service providers. It allows for a better experience.


HOME IS fun!

HighDefinition3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

People hype XBL like it`s a game.

Ironically, it does cost as much as one.

Home is FREE, like PSN.


Kratos Spartan3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Home is a free service. That is the most ridiculous spin I have ever seen.



nieto3679d ago

HOME it's a form to interact in a more direct way with other users. instead of just hearing their voices you're going to see their virtual representation in full interactive virtual world. because of that even tough the Mii's and the avatars from MS are essentially the same damn thing as HOME, HOME goes beyond that.

Xelai3679d ago

Home will be what people make out of it, it is a social interacting application, so it main defining feature will be the user.

Jake11113678d ago

Home is going to be awesome hands down. Think about it. This is definitely the next progression in online gaming.

Being able to attend the E3 in your living room is amazing.

Being able to sit in a uncharted, warhawk, MGS4, SOCOM, LBP, RFOM2, KZ2, cafes and discuss trophies, hidden items, strategies, dlc etc will be amazing.

In summary this idea is the next logical step for consoles.


Jake11113678d ago

PS3: Included (free)
360: Sold separately ($99.99)

HD movie player?
PS3: Blu-ray included
360: not included (HD-DVD player sold separately but is now obsolete)

PS3: Standard
360: Was not standard in earliest models (Sony's standard inclusion forced Microsoft's hand on this)

PS3: Yes
360: No

Media disc storage?
PS3: BD format (ranges from 25GB to 400GB [in recent tech breakthroughs])
360: DVD-9 format (7.5GB max capacity. Larger games require compression which lowers audio and video quality)

PS3: Yes (free)
360: Yes ($50 annually)

PS3: Included (40/80/160GB models [160GB not released yet]) Non-proprietary HDD setup allows users to upgrade the PS3 due to it being a more open-platform console. A standard notebook 2.5 HDD can be inserted for use allowing HDD capacities up to 250GB and possibly 500GB in the future.

Price comparison: Western Digital Scorpio 250GB HDD = $99.00 (Newegg)

360: Included only Pro and Elite models. Arcade models have no HDD functionality. Due to Microsoft using a proprietary HDD for their 360 consoles the price for a upgraded or new HDD is much higher than the cost for a 2.5 drive for the PS3.

Price Comparison: 360 HDD proprietary HDD 20GB = $96.99 (Newegg)

PS3: Failure rate has been mostly non-existent. Firmware updates have been known to cause issues with BD drives failing. Problems mostly isolated and SCE has issued free-repairs or replacements on occasion when problems arise with firmware updates.

360: RRoD. Disc read errors. Hardware malfunctions due to rushed design and poor circulation within the case. Console has been known to catch fire or melt in certain places at times. Customer outcry against the 360 malfunction problems have forced Microsoft to eat 1.2 billion to establish a permanent 3-yr warranty to all 360 consoles purchased.

DevastationEve3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Wow, every point you made had nothing to do with online service, let alone Home

what does blu ray have to with home? nothing
what does bluetooth have to do with home? nothing (besides optional accessories)
what does wi-fi have to with home? nothing (besides networking convenience)
what does hdmi have to with home? nothing

Jake, try to stay on topic. Yes, I know it's hard to concentrate in the early stages of infantile development. Tell you what, we'll continue the discussion after you've moved up from elementary school.

Bring some solid comparisons of the services, not the hardware. Home has been in development longer than the New Xbox Experience, so it earns its fair share of credit. But to think that it will be free isn't right. PSN may be free, but Home's avatars (with their costume purchases and whatever else have you) might come at a price. Also PS3 still doesn't come packaged with a headset, or any form of communications device. The Socom bundle might change that, but that's to be seen.

All x360 owners with a Premium bundle get the headset and HDD (either the previous 20GB or the newer 60GB). Arcade owners get a memory unit for game saves, profiles, and themes (you can save anything on it, but these are the most realistic assumptions). Elite owners will get the best experience...until their HDDs run out of space (there's never enough).

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Sony Rep3679d ago

"As the service became populated, we saw how it all came together. Home, when brimming with life, excitement and conversation is something that you’ll want to be a part of, and it could genuinely work as a social tool. The PS3 lacks a decent community aspect, and Home, if implemented properly, could very well bring the Network to a higher standard. It could be worth the wait."

But then again, the concept of Home can get a bit bland IF you have no friends.

butterfinger3679d ago

then I would imagine that you aren't playing online that much anyway. If that's the case, why would you even care about Home? Home does look like a great way to be able to meet people on the PSN as well considering all of the open space to walk around and rooms full of people.

Sony Rep3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )


The Lazy One3679d ago

The point of home was to make friends on ur PS3?

chasegamez3679d ago

compare to avatars not at all

AnSteRiX3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

people dint believe me!! that homeless is going to be board...

ad4mb3679d ago

Did you just read the title...

Fishy Fingers3679d ago

Of course not, he's far to busy jumping from account to account to find time to actually read what he comments on.

Bubble Buddy3679d ago

What I don't believe is his grammar.

Fishy Fingers3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

For every negative BLOG there is a positive BLOG. You'll be able to try it yourself in a few weeks, cast your own aspersions.

Megatron083678d ago

a few weeks ? More liek a few months at best you got to remeber Home been a few weeks away for like 3 years now. Home would of been great 10 years ago but voice chat as become standard in online games and with voice chat there is really no need for something like home.

I do wonder what they are using to type with tho