Sony: PS3 separate from the herd - Xbox 360, Wii are dead & dumb

Gamer Writes:

"Xbox 360 and Wii owners, I'm talking to you and only you now. Apparently, your consoles are "dead, dumb terminals" that are going to start looking dated over the next few years. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it."

"The console wars are an inevitable and constant part of the games industry, with each generation seeing fanboys springing up eager to defend their console of choice until they grow up. But, the companies themselves don't usually get involved in the mud-slinging, leaving their customers to do the dirty work for them."

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Monteblanco3556d ago

This kind of delusion would be funny, if it wasn't so sad...

HighDefinition3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

You can`t argue w/ it.

You know, I know it, Devs know it, the Media knows it.


Fishy Fingers3556d ago

Well if your talking price, yeah it's seperate from the herd.

Mr_Bun3556d ago

M$ is putting up a good fight. Anyone else with such a high failure rate would have been dead and buried long ago.

Montrealien3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

WoW, I love when blogs are all of a sudden accepted by certain users, that`s when the hypocracy realy shines here on N4G.

Ps3 is a great gaming console, that is all. Deal

And I agree, it is very sad to see the lvl of (enthusiasm) pass as PR.

HighDefinition3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

If you talking value/exclusives/potential it`s ahead of the herd aswell.

Can u really argue that?

Montrealien3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

HD, Anything can be argued.

here`s a question for you though, do you agree that the wii and 360 are dead dumb terminals?

HighDefinition3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

No, I just don`t think they offer as much in the long term.

AAACE53556d ago

That is funny! Yes these systems will look dated in a couple of years. But in a couple of years, the new systems will be coming out! And we all know how people like to get the shiny new things...

This is truely sad!

Montrealien3556d ago

HD, as long as they keep offering games, I`m a happy gamer.

*runs off to play Astyanax*

aceitman3556d ago

with lbp resistance 2 home i mean look at resistance 2 compared too gears of war 2 its colorful detailed look at the draw in the game far and detailed 100 enemies on the screen at once with action going on and you are close range too up in your face compare to gears 2 no draw distance at all or foggy draw distance or its not detailed if you see any and 100 enemys on the sceen in gears 2 is your at a top of a hill shooting down on these little enemies thats sad to say oh we have 100 enemys on the screen at once . please and one more color added it still looks the same it doesnt look much better than the 1st resistance 2 2 campain modes 8 player co-op 60 player online gears 2 10 player on line 2 player co-op sony is showing its power now and will get more powerful with time .

MikeGdaGod3556d ago

I don't know about the 360 being dead, but the ps3 definately has more value. To me it was worth the price at $600, that's why I didn't blink to get one back then.

juuken3556d ago

I agree Bun. I expected any corporation with failure rates like that on their consoles to give up but Microsoft is still fighting. I have to give them credit as well.

candystop3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

"If you talking value/exclusives/potential it`s ahead of the herd aswell."

I don't see any value over 360/I don't see better exclusives/ and I don't see the PS3 ahead of 360 but more like playing catch up feature for feature. You love to argue with your opinion but nobody is going for the PS3 is better crap. TGS should shut you and your Ego down a bit once you see for the price 360 is and the software and services it offers the value is actually much better then PS3's. Now you can't argue that so quit trying to prove silly points.

Edit below Kratos: Part of me wants to reply to you but the other part of me refuses to talk to a retarded animal. I don't know what kind of point your trying prove because your not proving one and calling someone kid like a little wanna be gangsta take away major points in my book dufus. Go play your "Point Blank" better console you delusional fanboy maggot!

ITK53556d ago

Maybe the ps3 will pull away in a couple of years, but by then it will also be outdated compared to the Next-Generation systems.
I own both systems (360 & ps3) and extremely happy, come on who wouldn't want to play some MGS4 then take a break and get on some GOW2?
"A Gamers life is not a Easy Life"

Kratos Spartan3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

YOU don't see...YOU don't see, and YOU don't see. The PS3 is a better value for the money and what you get. Point Blank. Don't make me make a stupid list to prove that point. The world is a big place, kid.


The PS2 is way outdated, and it is still selling. What was your point?

Montrealien3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

@Kratos Spartan

Thx for showing us a great example of what we normal people like to call, an opinion. I repsect it.

oh! And I don`t agree with it one bit, their all ofer some sort of value, it`s all very subjective actually.

Edit: and you had to add this

(The PS2 is way outdated, and it is still selling. What was your point?)

*helps kratos put foot in mouth*


HighDefinition3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

The ammount of thing you can do w/ the PS3 is almost limitless.

My family and I last night made a "robot chicken type" movie last night using Eyecreate we also watch Transformers on BR after. Right Now, my daughter is playing Tori Emaki and Mesmerize. My son likes to use it to make action movies w/ his friends. I use the PSP and Remote play for security system for my house, when I`m out. My wife likes Life w/ Playstation. Those kinda thing seperate it from the pack IMO for my family. We all use it.

Montrealien3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

No arguing there HD, the PS3 is a great console, and I am happy you and your familly enjoy it so much.

But you need to accept the fact that other people find some form of value out of a Wii or a 360 ass well. I`m pretty sure that deep down you do, but you speak of the PS3 like it was god`s gift to gaming, it`s a great console, that is all. ;D

@HD below

People NEED to understand/accept your opinion as fact right? I give up, enjoy your black and white makebelief world. I`ll stay in my REAL grey world.

HighDefinition3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )


I don`t talk about the PS3 like it`s gods gift, I talk about like it`s the BEST console out there, which IMO, it is. For the reasons I stated above. People NEED to understand right now, the PS3 has the BEST games coming out and offers the things I mentioned above which the other consoles don`t. Like people always say the PS3 is MORE than a gaming console.


Intended for?

Says who, if the PS3 doesn`t all that, it`s NOTHING but a PLUS.
That`s one of the most stupid things i`ve ever read, in my life.

Intended for? LOL.


"But you need to accept the fact that other people find some form of value out of a Wii or a 360 ass well"


Go back to being pretentious. People always have biases. Deal w/ it.

Dark Collosis3556d ago

Even after 2years of being it the PS3 gets beat in 90percent of the multiplatform games being released. Not to mention the fact that it gets less than half the games the 360 gets... THE PS3 is nothing more than a BLUE RAY player that plays games near the quality of the 360.. Even after all the HDD required installs PS3 games STILL lose to the 360 versions..... And Uncharted does not look as good as the new Tomb Raider, and WE ALL KNOW which version will be better....... AND WITHOUT A HDD MANDATORY INSTALL.....

kr90913556d ago

Why don't you tell that to the people that are still buying PS2's :]

candystop3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Sounds great Hd but my family uses the 360 to play games and occasionally watch movies as it was intended for. The games are fun but we leave it at that and spend most of our time out of the house doing things as a family should do rather then focusing on a game platform. The PS3 sounds great but I personally don't need all that and would much rather live then dream about a ps3.

Edit HD 1.19: My thing to you is that I'm sure the 360 does many things also but I'm not going to sit around the house like some lazy [email protected] all day trying to figure them out. Get your lazy azz out of your house with your kids and I'm sure you will find that more fun then raising your family to love PS3. Your such a joke dude seriously...Here we have a grown man arguing his PS3 is better then 360 lol. I'm done with you HD and don't have any more time or bubbles (i'm out) to waist on your pathetic azz. People want a game console to play games and movies but not all this crap which you think makes it's better for it's purpose it's annoying to read.

dan-boy3556d ago

especially when they paint the ps3 in an amazing light.

HD: you have a wife and kids? i'm quite surprised. after reading what you write on here most days, i was under the impression that you was still a teenager. does your wife know about your secret love affair with a GAMES CONSOLE???

anyway, the ps3 is ahead of the pack when it comes to HD movie playback, and it does have alot of 1st party exclusives, but that's it. and having loads of 1st party games doesn't guarantee they will be good.....heavy rain be the next massively hyped flop.

Kratos Spartan3556d ago

I don't believe I was talking to you. You must be candystops boyfriend coming to the rescue to save the day. I never said the other consoles didn't have any value. Stop trying to act so intelligent, it only makes you look dumb.

HighDefinition3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I make more than ENOUGH MONEY, to stay at home ALLDAY.

You obviously don`t.

All $$$ does is buys you FREE TIME, it`s great.

PS. Enjoy living w/ you MOM.


My wife hates the 360 cause it cost so much $$$, for a few months of "launch fun". Which wasn`t much besides Dead Rising and Geometry Wars. Like I said to candystop, I make more than enough $$$ to stay home and chill w/ her, she doesn`t work either. She loves the PS3. The only thing we don`t agree on, is the Wii.

thewhoopimen3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )


Bottom line. If the PS3 was $199, there would be NO brooking the argument period. The fact is that a bunch of cheapskates are dissenting over price value which has absolutely nothing to do with quality or features speaks to the intelligence level of these conversations. Face it, if you could've afforded it, you would've bought a PS3 along with a 60" Pioneer Kuro and a B&0 Sound system. Compared to a PS3 in terms of technical features, the xbox360 and Wii are dumb terminals. You get what you pay for.

potenquatro3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

WOW! A huge pro Sony anti MS rant as news on N4G?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? NO WAY!!!!!
Any doubters about ps3 fanbois running wild here?

I got a ps3 day one, and yes i've been playing it more and more but i still prefer PC>xbox>ps3 imho.

Playstation for a home security system? who the hell would insure your house with that? no wonder banks are in crisis.

Patrick3555d ago

Alot of people buy the PS3 for Games.. and everything else it can do. I did, and most everyone in my family did. Its a great machine. Its high quality with great reliability which is more than I can say for Micros machine. Not to say the 360 doesnt have good games but if they hadnt rushed it to market and made it as low quality as possible alot more people would trust it enough to buy one. I will have one.. When I trust it wont crap out on me. I know far to any people that have had problems with it. This article is really stupid cause of course Sony's people will swear by it and this idiot is trying to argue with them. I mean really. But.. it is becoming more and more clear that the PS3 will surpass both competitors in performance, creativity and sheer power. Oh and people can enjoy all that PS3 has to offer and not be lazy. I work 8 hours a day or more, I have horses that my wife, kids and I ride very often and I also use every feature the PS3 has. Dont attempt to lump everyone together, you just show your fear thru anger and make an azz out of yourself.

Jake11113555d ago

PS3: Included (free)
360: Sold separately ($99.99)

HD movie player?
PS3: Blu-ray included
360: not included (HD-DVD player sold separately but is now obsolete)

PS3: Standard
360: Was not standard in earliest models (Sony's standard inclusion forced Microsoft's hand on this)

PS3: Yes
360: No

Media disc storage?
PS3: BD format (ranges from 25GB to 400GB [in recent tech breakthroughs])
360: DVD-9 format (7.5GB max capacity. Larger games require compression which lowers audio and video quality)

PS3: Yes (free)
360: Yes ($50 annually)

PS3: Included (40/80/160GB models [160GB not released yet]) Non-proprietary HDD setup allows users to upgrade the PS3 due to it being a more open-platform console. A standard notebook 2.5 HDD can be inserted for use allowing HDD capacities up to 250GB and possibly 500GB in the future.

Price comparison: Western Digital Scorpio 250GB HDD = $99.00 (Newegg)

360: Included only Pro and Elite models. Arcade models have no HDD functionality. Due to Microsoft using a proprietary HDD for their 360 consoles the price for a upgraded or new HDD is much higher than the cost for a 2.5 drive for the PS3.

Price Comparison: 360 HDD proprietary HDD 20GB = $96.99 (Newegg)

PS3: Failure rate has been mostly non-existent. Firmware updates have been known to cause issues with BD drives failing. Problems mostly isolated and SCE has issued free-repairs or replacements on occasion when problems arise with firmware updates.

360: RRoD. Disc read errors. Hardware malfunctions due to rushed design and poor circulation within the case. Console has been known to catch fire or melt in certain places at times. Customer outcry against the 360 malfunction problems have forced Microsoft to eat 1.2 billion to establish a permanent 3-yr warranty to all 360 consoles purchased.

The PS3 is the best console on the market today.


3555d ago
godofthunder103555d ago

He's just a ps3 fanboy who doesn't know sh*t.He claims that the 360 and wii will be outdated in a few years and the ps3 want and it will be the system that people will want.The fact is that the wii has been outdated when it first came out and it's the top selling system on the market.Like i said before,people don't care which system has the best graphics or if it will last 10 years.The majority of people care about how fun the system is to play and the sells prove that people have more fun with the wii then the other 2 system and i own a 360 so i'm not bias like this fool is.

People like him been saying things like this since the ps3 first came out.When the ps3 first came out they had bias ps3 fanboys just like him saying that in a year the ps3 will be on top of the wii and 360.When that didn't heppen they said next year,and when it didn't happen then they said next year again.

I'm not saying that the ps3 isn't a good system because it is,it's the most dependable console that was ever made,but it's not perfect.The fact is that the 360 does somethings better then the ps3 and vice versa and they both have flaws.Look at dead space they can't put it on the ps3 and they have some games on the ps3 that can't be put on the 360 and that's just facts.

He claims that in a few years that the ps3 will be on top.Like i said before,he doesn't even know what is going on and he doesn't know what he's really talking about.The fact is that in 2012 or 2013 the new systems from microsoft,sony and nintendo will be out.So i like to know how he could say that the ps3 will be on top when every one will be buying new systems in a few years.
Ps3 fanboys will say OH! know sony said the ps3 will last ten years.The fact is that it will just like the ps2 did.The fact is sony never said that they want release a ps4 before then,h*ll they are working on it already and it will be finished about the time that the new systems will come out.Sony will still sell the ps3 just like they are still selling the ps2.The fact is that when sony come out with the ps4 in 2012 or 2013 they will still make and sell the ps3 and phase the ps2 out before then so the ps3 will take the place of the ps2.

I want ps3 fanboys to show me where sony said that they want make another ps before the 10 years are up on the ps3.The fact is that they can't.Sony said that the ps3 is built to last 10 years.They never said that they want release another system before then.

I want ps3 fanboys to think about what they are saying.They are claiming that sony still want realease a new system in a few years like the other 2 companies are.The fact is that they could already make systems a lot more powerful then the ps3 or 360 now.Just think how out dated the ps3 when you compare it to systems that will be made in a few years.The fact is that electronic products are outdated the following year.Just look at computers.You could take the most powerful computer on the market today and in 2 years it's out dated and that's just facts.
So he claimed that the ps3 will seperate it self from the other 2 systems even when they have the new systems out.He even told the fans of the other 2 systems to stick that in their pipes and smoke it."Well he has the nerve to say something like that when he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.I recomemnd that he should put his finger in his a** and spin on it.

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Silogon3556d ago

I wonder if Sony can give us more ram through a firmware update? Cause, if not I don't see what he means we can layer new firmware into our system and always stay up to date with the changes of entertainment. He also says something like, the other consoles will look dated by our long console life span. What does that mean? I mean, isn't the ps3 going to look dated by whatever "NEW" machine those "OLD" machines come out with next?

Scott means well, he just kind of fell on his face like Carrot Top or Andrew Dice Clay at a Celebrity Roast.

theEnemy3556d ago

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VF34EJ253555d ago

who the heck gave this guy back one of his bubbles?

BWS19823555d ago

much of fanboyism from any angle, it's kinda like console bigotry, but I have to say I feel this guy's point (the blogger, however narrow minded he may be) is he's trying to talk about the value as an investment, not that PS3 will always be on top of things. This is all subjective, you can't argue opinions, like debating the prettiest color. Simply futile.

Fishy Fingers3556d ago

Crack out the marshmellows boys ;)

juuken3556d ago

I have the hot cocoa! :3

Mr_Bun3556d ago

I noticed when fishy makes his statement regarding this obviously flamed article, he gets 5 agrees and 0 disagrees...when you qualify his response, you get 0 agrees and 1 disagree...what gives?

juuken3556d ago

I'm just hated around here, that's all.

I don't care about the disagrees anyway.

The disagree button is for people who don't like to hear what others say even though they may be speaking the truth.

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timmyrulz3556d ago

Sounds like fighting talk, personally i wouldnt say anything until you have overtaken the competition in terms of sales and popularity.

Kratos Spartan3556d ago

there is no competition for the Playstation brand.

300 million total units sold, anyone?

Who else is juggling 3 different consoles successfully?

Spin it.

Gam713556d ago

ok i'll spin it.

Keeping their most successful console (ps2) going to get the some profit into the ps brand after their latest console swallowed up all the profit made from their most successful machine.

without the other 2 consoles how much money would they make on the ps3? or should that be lose.

watchman3556d ago

Imagine if it did'nt have the red ring of death, where would be the sales of the 360 now. Oh by the way the 360 stike again in japan this week just a few hundred less than the wii.

Mr_Bun3556d ago

I agree with you...I only own a PS3 but I think if the RROD never existed M$ would be giving the wii a good run for their money, however; I believe the only way M$ would have prevented the failure rate would have been to fix the problem which would have delayed the release and put it closer to the PS3's release or even later. If that were to have happened I believe the 360 wouldn't have done this well...Either way, I guess we will never know.

Kratos Spartan3556d ago

I don't think the 360 would have ever given the Wii a run for its money, no matter what. There are just too many kids and moms out there for that to happen. The Xbox was aimed for the hardcore, and that is who bought it. Nobody knew the Wii would do what it has done.

Mr_Bun3556d ago

There will only be Chaos!...

On topic...Maybe you are right but as I said we will never know.