2K Sports: NBA 2K9 Demo Held up

Back on the official 2K Sports forums, Ronnie James Dio tells why the demo has been held up.

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Silogon3580d ago

Thank gawd; I can't help but wonder how I was going to handle all the excitment of not 1, not 2 but 3 basketball demo's in 1 update! I mean, what with them being so different and all.

"looks around"

Anyways, between live and Sony's offering, I thought sony's was better. It was more fun to play and it was much smoother. The colors are crazy deep in it.

TheHater3580d ago

2k9 will kick both of those two games ass blindfolded. I download both of those two demo, and neither of them is on my harddrive right now. NBA 09 The Life mode is probably the best feature of NBA 09, while NBA Live 09 DNA isn't all that it crack up to be.

Sony Rep3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Sony's basketball game is not deep enough to really compete with the pack, yet. There are improvements in graphics and animation, but gameplay is much of the same.

Is it garbage?

No! It is improving, and has a ways to go.

I find Live to be an overall improvement over last years' game. Animations are a definite and noticeable improvement, as well as the gameplay. Hopefully, 2k can make some big improvements over last years' game as well.

TheHater3580d ago

true, gameplay is here NBA 09 suffer the most. If sony would focus as much as the do when creating MLB The Show, then it might stand a chance of "balling" with NBA 2k

drdre743580d ago

Cutting it close with the demo arent they? The game is out like next week isn't it? Is the release Oct. 2 or the 7th