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FIFA 09 returns to the pitch full of swagger, and it does it's very best to deliver on EA Sport's promise of creating the definitive football title. An exacting game on the pitch and an overwhelmingly comprehensive one off of it, it's still got a number of minor niggles that blight the play. But when the package is so vast and offers so much, it's hard not to be impressed. Is it better than PES? It's certainly different, and which game you go for this season ultimately depends on what you want from your annual dose of football.

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badz1493587d ago

0.1 point better than last year if I'm not mistaken. nice IGN, just NICE! I'm going to skip 09 as 08 is still pretty much content me and maybe I'll see what PES09 has to offer this time around

Cartesian3D3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

but after all these years (from FIFA 98) , this game doesnt feel real yet.

they still useing old motion capture system, may be its time to make a new technology ,combining physics and animation for body for example ...

EDIT :@Badz149: yes they were both good.. but I mean all aspects of the game..

they capture every move for this game, and add some new captures every game, for example new kind of Falling after tackle.. physics can help to see new moves every time you play the game.

and BALL speed is funny after 10 years, it doesnt feel realistic at all, they change it's physic in every title , may be PES is better in this term.. anyway its just my opinion .. :) I dont mind anymore,

badz1493587d ago

but I think FIFA 2003 was great and 08 was also kinda good!

bomboclaat_gamer3587d ago

it doesnt feel good for real. I dont know what it is but PES always have better and more responsive controls.

byeGollum3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

was mistaken .. wrong post

GamerscoreWhores3587d ago

By the introduction of IGN's article
What they are really saying is that it isn't as good as PES as a football experience..or that its so close this year that they aren't prepared to fully comment.

bomboclaat_gamer3587d ago

at least they r showing signs of improvement and not being lazy any more. but PES still takes the lead in my book. Even tho PES 08 was abismal i still prefered it over fifa 08. i went online with PES the other day and I left the game on and after an hour it still havent found one person for me to play a match with. I hope hope hope hope they get online right this time. im praying.

GamerscoreWhores3587d ago

I'm still deliberating whether to get this on 360 or PS3.
I told my subscribers on YouTube i'll be getting FIFA 09 on the 360 and PES 09 on the PS3...still undecided to be honest lol. Yea my youtube account is my username here ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.