This is why Nintendo Switch games are too damn expensive

Mic writes: "'Puyo Puyo Tetris' Switch price a no-no? Find out why games are more expensive on the Nintendo Switch, and how it affects you."

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FallenAngel1984596d ago

Geez for a hybrid console you'd think some games' prices would be cheaper for the more handheld orientated crowd

subtenko594d ago

PSVR does this. Even the vita does.

IamTylerDurden1594d ago

Vita used cards as well and if anything games were cheaper on Vita as compared to PS4. Games generally did not go over $40 on Vita and on rare occasion they were in the $50 range, but for the most part games were 40 and under. Games like MLB the Show were significantly less expensive on Vita compared to PS4. Even console/near console quality games like Uncharted GA, KZ Mercenary, AC Liberation, MLB the Show, NFS Most Wanted, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice Delta, LBP Vita, Tearaway, Virtua Tennis 4, Injustice Ultimate Edition ect were less than full priced console games and typically cheaper than their console counterparts.

PSVR games are not any more expensive than PS4/xb1 games. In fact, PSVR games are typically not $60 even in the case of full content AAA titles like Driveclub VR and Rigs. You even have quality physical releases like Rush of Blood and Arkham VR for only $20 on PSVR. Whereas games like Bomberman, 1-2 Switch, and Binding of Isaac are in the $50 range on Switch instead of the $20 range like you would expect.

subtenko594d ago

Thats what I was saying. PSVR and vita games are not all $60.....

Fist4achin594d ago

Nintendo isnt the greatest with their pricing. 3ds games are a bit overpriced IMO. They seem to keep a tight fist on any price drops.

IamTylerDurden1594d ago (Edited 594d ago )

No. Switch games are just plain old expensive and overpriced.

Bomberman $50, Binding of Isaac $40, Just Dance $60. It's ridiculous for upcoming multiplats like Rime ect to be $10 more expensive on Switch than on PS4 and xb1.

subtenko594d ago

This is why people will be weary of nintendo switch, well, one of the reasons.

594d ago
Cobra951594d ago

Only sales matter when it comes to getting the price right. If games aren't selling, lower the price. If games are selling too quickly, raise the price. Simple supply and demand.

594d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.