Den of Geek: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

BF:BC is, all in all, a great game that's got its issues. It's no COD4, but it looks good, plays well and both the single player and multiplayer modes offer plenty of enjoyment. It's a real shame that the AI is so poor and that DICE saw fit to include a frankly bizarre health and death system, but when you're in the midst of a firefight, or find yourself steamrollering through foes in a tank, these problems tend to go away, replaced with maniacal glee, and the multiplayer mode does away with any AI issues, leaving behind a solid shooter. If all else fails, blowing stuff up just never gets old.

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Slinger4203580d ago

This game came out in June. The summer's over, where the hell have you been ?

Brixxer6003580d ago

Guess he's been playing the game all summer ?

It is good fun in multiplayer though.

Slinger4203580d ago

COD4 kills Batlefields Mutliplayer. The lack of any blood and the crappy death animations were enough for me

bomboclaat_gamer3580d ago

too late. couldnt find any better news sonny?