Holy Crap! Spore Created StarCraft Amazes Us

Kotaku Writes: "The great thing about Spore is all the stuff we can make. No, make that, the great thing about Spore is all the stuff really talented people can make. Check out these images from Korean site Ruliweb of in-Spore created Starcraft Terran faction buildings and vehicles. Check out the Vulture, Siege Tank, Goliath, Wraith and Battlecruiser! The attention to detail is astounding. There are three words for this and they are "only in Korea". Have a gander in the gallery below."

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Bengoshi-San3528d ago

only in korea?

you mean the dog meat / animal cruelty industry?

Oh wait, you were talking about the game.. okay.

Well, dont make generalizations then.

Only in Korea... ... yeaaaa...... O.K.

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