Call of Duty WW2 reveal trailer is the most liked CoD reveal trailer ever on YouTube

Call of Duty WWII was unveiled less than 24 hours ago, but the reveal trailer is already the most liked Call of Duty reveal trailer ever on YouTube.

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REDGUM358d ago

Really. A Ps2 -Xbox remake is the best COD viewed on YouTube? Hmmm. Each to thier own I suppose.

JayPi3358d ago

Sarcasm or not, you're pretty far off.

REDGUM358d ago

Most of those scenesin that trailer have been seen before. How am Ifar off?

Boosted graphics is all I see here!

UCForce358d ago

Well, it's true that you will the big red one again. But the way I see it, the game will tell different view of Big Red One. Besides, World War 2 was biggest conflict of human history.

TheCommentator357d ago

Which begs the question, "Why revisit a part of the war from a past game if WW2 has so many stories to tell?"

TheCommentator357d ago

Kind of telling of the COD community if you ask me. I thought it looked predictable, bland, and contrived... worse than any other recent COD campaign. On top of it being a rehash of part of WW2 we've already seen, it looks like it isn't going to be that good at all. Hopefully the MP is more traditional for fans of the seies though, because that's all that ever mattered with the franchise anyways.

rando 357d ago

@ REDGUM: its based on WW2 but its not a remake. "most of those scenes in that trailer have been seen before" you do realize D-Day & World War 2 is an actual thing that happened right? lol - there's not too many other "scenes" you could make out of a real life event. if you change the "scenes" it won't be historically accurate.

Allsystemgamer357d ago

There's so much shit coming out of your mouth I'm going to need toilet paper as a rain coat.

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PlayableGamez-358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Well when you listen to the community, you get good feedback.
It seems like it took COD to die a little to get back on it's feet.

DeadSilence358d ago

Me and my friends already paid ours, waiting on beta.

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The story is too old to be commented.