BingeGamer's The Bender Podcast - Episode 014

Show notes:

*Random chitchat (DO NOT GO TO LEMONPARTY)
*What we've been playing: Braid - The word keeps on spreading, good times! (XBLA), Rock Band (XBOX 360), Rock Band 2 (XBOX 360), de Blob (Wii), Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360), The Last Guy (PSN)
*Sites news
*Mini-Bargain Gaming: Go to and enter, really good chance for a free Rock Band DLC!
*Some new quiz show game pitting Mike vs James in a battle of video game knowledge!
*Jack Thompson is Disbarred
*Kotaku, our feelings, Cheapassgamer rules.
*Mirror's Edge, Dead Space to have absurdly pricey bundles
*Max Payne movie rated PG-13
*New Sonic bundle?
*Australia Gets Screwed on Rock Band
*PETA wants Breast Milk for Ben & Jerry (Places to get orgaincally and ethically raised and grown foods and , random food and drink)
*Must see picture of dirty apartment (not really must see, disgusting if you ask me), hoarders
*Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the fastest selling Star Wars game ever

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