SOCOM: Preview of Map "FALLEN"

This is a preview of a new map from Socom Confrontation called "FALLEN"

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agentace3705d ago

alot better than any crappy COD4 map which are just square and flat!!

BSigel813705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

I love night levels it's just so badass, when I catch someone slipping. This is my most anticipated game of the fall season, I love everything about it. This will be a first day purchase, LBP as well. Oh yeah, I can't forget about Home coming next month too. Can you imagine the clan meetings a squad could have in home.(Everyone decked out in their clan exclusive shirts, or better yet with your game characters customization). I hope to see fellow fan online..Peace

P.S. When I say character customizations, I am talking about your whole fatigue uniform with gear and all.

dragonking3705d ago

that level looks awesome cant w8 2 play it

BlackTar1873705d ago

And although Crossroads is gettin gquite boring over and over and over and over and over and over again I love this game I think its great the only thing im seeing is people using Quick Snipe again so people be ware of that if somneone seems to be headshoting everyone in one shot. But yeah this level the broken building level and the silo's all look great to me .

You guys look Up [iNv]BlackTar and we can game together. If your in a clan we can WAR against each other.

ninja_united3705d ago

greece ?? woow very very authentic now we need jungle maps to call socom perfect

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