Bungie claims any link to Madeline McCann is "pure coincidence"

Bungie writer Luke Smith (Lukems) and Bungie's Sketch factor have assured everyone that the "Maddie, where are you?" slogan in yesterday's teaser was pure coincidence.

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morriss3526d ago

Oh dear, oh dear. How will they spin this once the media get wind of it.

FreeMonk3526d ago

A huge majority of tommorow's UK newspapers (Sat Edition) will have this story in them.

Us Brits can have a joke about anything over a quick period of time, but there are always people out there who will be shocked about this.

You never know, maybe the person who kidnapped Maddie is a Halo 3 fan, and after seeing this may return her. Bungie saves the day! Doubtful, but stranger things happen!

Gam713526d ago

If the person was a halo fan then the media would use that to blame games for all kidnapping thats ever gone on

and global warming

Silogon3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Yeah, cause let's face it John Mccain's Daughter isn't human afterall. Why would she do humanisitc things like, breath air, drink water and sleep when she's tired???? She damn sure wouldn't play a videogame if she felt like it either, that's just wrooooooooooooooooooooong!!!!

Please, idiot media making a big deal about nothing. Who cares even if she was an active xbox live player? Stranger things have happened. Kanye West gets air time.

Edit to Morriss:

I'm sorry, I read it all wrong. I was on Gamefaqs earlier and they had a topic about John Mccain's daughter playing xbox 360.

I thought this was a extension of that. NM.

I see now why this is an issue since she's gondie

morriss3526d ago

What are you talking about.

Madeline McCann not mcCain!!


falviousuk3526d ago

You are an idiot Silogon.
The maddie here refers to a missing british toddler.Madeleine McCann, generally referred to as Maddie. She went missing a year ago in Portugal and there was a massive media campaign to find her all over the world. There still is a campaing ongoing to find her.

What a jerk you are

Gam713526d ago

come on guys.

He's a yank. How can you expect him to know about anything that happens if its not in the usa.


oh yes, it may be by chance.. but once british press get hold of this, boy its not going to be nice !

Gam713526d ago

google is your friend

TheROsingleB3525d ago

She's the 'hide and seek' champion

(booooo... what a terrible thing to say)

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The story is too old to be commented.