Sega 7th Dragon Famitsu Scans

Sega has officially announced a new RPG called 7th Dragon for the Nintendo DS scheduled for spring 2009 in Japan.

- New game from Niinou, the director of Etrian Odyssey.
- Command based battles.
- 4 characters in a party at one time.
- Simple game concept: kill all the dragons.
- There are 7 classes in the game (Rogue, Mage, Fighter, Princess, Knight, Samurai, Healer).
- For each class there are 4 different appearances.
- There are skill trees for each of the classes.
- The stats include LIFE, MANA, ATK, POW, DEF, INT, SPD.
- While moving around, the top screen is a top-down map view, while the bottom screen is a conquest map.

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