New The Conduit Screens

New official screenshots of Wii-exclusive The Conduit released by High Voltage Software early this morning.

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Product3526d ago

we should be hearing about a publisher soon,cant wait to play people online with wii controls.

jtucker783525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Is this a joke?

The Conduit looks like it will be a really cool game and it is about time the Wii got a decent online shooter with Wii-mote FPS controls.

BUT why are electronictheatre posting screenshots from what is clearly a very early build? That's hardly fair. It doesn't do the game justice.
Look at screen 2 and screen 4, they look terrible.

Compare it to a Playstation 2 FPS:

I'm sure (I know) there are better shots than this. Perhaps it is just the resizing of the image causing the problems.

kevco333525d ago

There's been a bit of a debate about this on the site's forum.

Admin: "The screenshots published for forthcoming Wii-exclusive release by High Voltage Software, The Conduit, today at the Electronic Theatre Assets were received this morning via e-mail from Tim Martin, Producer of The Conduit. The e-mail stated that these screenshots were the latest available from the game."

So, there you go!

Rute3525d ago

Black is a pretty good example of the graphical level that could be seen on a Wii game. It's obvious that teams which are able to pull the best graphics concentrate on PS3 and Xbox 360, because Wii just isn't able to make you go WOW for graphical realism.

PS360WII3525d ago

I'm sure we'll get a lot of people talking of how bad the screens are but you know if it's fun to play what's the difference.

Some screens look good some don't but Wii controls on a fps I find to be more enjoyable then an analog stick so I'm looking forward to this title regardless if it's in 1080p or 480i :)

jtucker783525d ago

Well, the screens are 512 x 359 so that probably explains a wierd resizing of the image.

Regardless of whether the images look good or rubbish. I really hope this turns out well and that there is no lag between the wii-mote and on screen action - as with all the customisation HV are putting into the controls this could perfect FPS controls.

I always thought Metroid had better controls than dual analogue, I just felt the game's gameplay was dated. That and the lack of multiplayer hurt the game for me.

With wii-mote + online this is stacking up well.

PS360WII3525d ago

Yeah for sure. Metroids gameplay has been similar in the past but I did like the lock on yet with free play in it as well. So you could be locked on to one guy but still attack the new enemy that's getting closer to you ^^

As far as the screens yeah I don't mind them and the resizing probably has something to do with it much like how I've seen previews/videos for Last Remnant that make it look awesome then I see some screens that make it look awful. So I really don't take screens to seriously.

Hopefully they do well with the online. That's the hard part lol

jtucker783525d ago

Balancing the online/testing the servers will be tricky as there won't be an online Beta.

Still, HV are listening to everyone's comments and - I have to hand it to them - are really doing their research.
I have faith in them.

PS360WII3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Defiantly! They might not have the best catalog of past games but that shouldn't be a fault and we should look at is as they have a lot of background in game making ;)

They even said they wanted to have their own server like EA has done in Medal of Honor. Which would be cool but I have no idea if they would be able to support it all by their lonesome...

jtucker783525d ago

Didn't they say they were in negotiations with a mystery publisher.
A lot of people are speculating that it will be Nintendo themselves. That would be great if so. It needs to be someone big to support the huge online community that may arise.

I've said some harsh things about the Wii in the past as I haven't been as impressed with the hardware as I was about the Gamecube or N64. Mario, Zelda - still as big a fan as ever, but the Wii ... not so much.
Putting all that aside though I sincerely hope this game does well. Third parties that put in this much effort need to be supported.

Killzone 2 and Conduit next year. Can't wait.

Cheers for the chat PSW360WII ... Bubbles

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BrotherNick3525d ago

Hehe, I'm about half an hour from the devs offices...I know the servers will be working well here. :>

TheROsingleB3525d ago

Nice, I wasn't sure how well this was going to turn out but its looking pretty promising even from this early of a stage, hopefully the framerate keeps up.

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