Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

In a game franchise defined by characterization, which ones are among the best? Did Cloud make the list? How about Sephiroth? From Zell and Zidane to Tidus and Vivi Orunitia, 411's Derek Robbins lists his top ten Final Fantasy characters in the latest edition of the 10th Hour!

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devilhunterx3734d ago

1) Balthier

2) Squall

3) Zack

mindedone3734d ago

Zack had an inordinate amount of pluck.

coolfool3734d ago

I think Tifa should have been in there.

Tifa - the local girl who grows up and learns how to fight to protect the things she believes and the people she loves.

Homicide3734d ago

Balthier was the only character I liked in FFXII. He's so cool. Auron is a bad ass. Where's Tifa? Vivi is awesome.

castdreams3733d ago

I'm glad to see FFIX getting some love. I am a bit surprised that Sephiroth isn't even on the list, though.