Japanese Sales Data: Media Create hardware sales for 15/9 – 21/9

The Nintendo DS was the best-selling console in Japan again for the week ending the 21st of September. According to Media Create it sold 61 242 units, down roughly 2000 units from last week's performance but still leagues ahead of the other competitors.

In fact the DS sold twice as many as its nearest competitor, the Wii, which sold 29 921 units to secure second place on the chart.

* Nintendo DS - 61 242
* Wii - 29 921
* PSP - 28 674
* Xbox 360 - 13 777
* PS3 - 8 156
* PS2 - 7 720

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Silogon3433d ago

It sold 5621 more units than the ps3 did. By this meassure it will take Sony, selling the 8000 units it has sold for the longest time every week, 4 weeks to recover from this week and last weeks xbox 360 preformance.

that is, of course, if the xbox 360 drops back down to where it normally is. 3000 units a week. I think Sony needs to consider a price drop. A real one this time. It's the smart thing to do and it's the right thing to do.