Upcoming God of War 4 Takes Place "Well Before the First Vikings"

While not a lot of info is known about Sony Santa Monica's upcoming God of War (God of War 4? God of War: The Reboot?), it is not known that it won't feature vikings -- contrary to what people might have expected based from the reveal.

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Crazyglues205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Yeah, can't wait either... but when is it coming out.. ? can I keep my fingers crossed for 2017

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Razzer205d ago

Hope we see a bunch more at E3. Very hyped for this game. Dare to hope for 2017 release?

thatguyhayat205d ago

There was a major leak from a retailer few months ago stating saying it was coming out december this year. But doesnt seem likely but who knows maybe its true

corroios205d ago

December would be an amazing gift

Kaneki-Ken205d ago

The Voice actor of Kratos did actually confirmed is coming out this year.

Ceaser9857361205d ago

December was a place holder. I feel Spiderman will get a release this year and GOW will get a March 2018 release date.. E3 will be amazing and as per rumor surprises will be there.. #E32017 :)

Critic4l_Strik3205d ago

I think March 2018 is more likely due to the release of previous games on that month. I mean, Id be happy to have it in December for sure, but usually the retailer December release date tends to be a place holder. We'll find out at E3 hopefully

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The story is too old to be commented.