Bethesda's Policy Continues: Prey Will Not Have Early Review Copies

A little more than a week before Prey's official release date, and some disappointingly expected news has arrived.

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Sciurus_vulgaris389d ago

Who thinks the PC version of Prey, will be messed up at launch?

Nitrowolf2389d ago

this is lame, but at least they gave us a demo this time around.
For those who haven't played it yet (live everywhere tomorrow, on Austrailia PS Store now), just a warning it has long load times and you may want to lower music audio because it gets very loud

Kleptic389d ago

people freaked out about this with Doom last year...The release was surprisingly stable on all platforms, and was a strong GOTY contender across the board.

I'm not interested in Prey specifically, but as a policy, I don't find anything wrong with it. Or at least I don't find it any reason for concern in the context of the released quality. Gaming media has had decades to get their shat together overall, and failed to do so. The argument of them being the gatekeepers between the consumer and business sides of the industry hasn't been true for a very long time.

Subjective viewpoints layered into giant objective point systems is laughable. Most people can make up their mind on a purchase simply by seeing the game streamed on launch day (if they haven't determined it already)...early releases for media are more tailored to support a bloated 'part' of gaming that serves no real purpose.

littlefatgirl389d ago

but it won't have a PC demo, I don't think ...

NapalmSanctuary388d ago

@Kleptic There is nothing objective about the point system. In fact, making a value judgement, which the point system represents, is pretty much the core of subjectivity. While I agree that mainstream gaming media is questionable (like when Mitch Dyer gives a seemingly bloated review score for SW Battlefront, and now hes working for EA and writing for Battlefront 2) It doesn't mean everyone is on the take.

Bathyj388d ago

Some good points Kleptic.

The games media can act like theyre entitled to early copies but the fact is many of their ethics are questionable at best and a games reputation can be made or broken before its even out. Seems anyone with an axe to grind can find one thing in a game and blow it out of proportion and the whole internet (gaming world) swallows it up, repeats it as gospel and just runs with it. You can get totally unsubstantiated claims and people will repeat them years later never stopping to check if it is indeed fact.

Back in the day the only games media I had was the Australian Hyper Magazine. But I trusted it. I knew the writers taste and how well they lined up with my own. They didnt need clicked or top 10 lists spread over 11 pages. They just put out an informative, entertaining magazine. Now days I dont really trust anyones opinion. If I read or watch a review I will usually go off their enthusiasm to see if I believe them. But so much of it is shady now and so much is just ad revenue driven. Clickbait rules the day.

I for one, would rather have a demo than a review. How refreshing. Play a game yourself not listen to someone whose more interested in his own pseudo celebrity. I dont like reviewers that get too wrapped up in thier own persona. A demo spells confidence in your product to me. If I play a game for an hour, that should tell me all I need to know about it on whether its a buy or not. I'll be trying this one.

UnHoly_One388d ago

OMG, Circle the Wagons!! We have to wait 2 extra days to read other people's opinions on a game!!

Who effing cares?? I mean, really?

You can't formulate your own opinion and make a decision on a game based on pre-release footage?

I haven't waited for a review to help make my decision on a game in years. I simply don't care what they think. I know enough about what I like and what I don't like to figure it out myself.

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shadowhaxor389d ago

I'm really hoping this pulls another DooM. PC Gamer played this as did a few other PC gaming sites, but none reported on the performance. That was troubling for me.

At least the PS4 and Xbox One versions will get a demo, not so much the PC.

Seafort389d ago

It's a 50/50 chance it will be a piss poor optimised game at launch considering the state of Dishonored 2 even now after 3 patches.

It's a different engine but the same developer and publisher as Dishonored 2.

All we can do is wait and hope it's a great game on PC as there's no demo for us to try unlike the console version.

kevnb389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

the engine in Dishonored 2 is what it is, its not exactly spectacular on console either. One thing to keep in mind, pc benchmarks usually push everything to maximum settings and many times it just isnt worth the 2% increase in visual quality for the 40% hit in frame rate (rough estimate of high vs ultra in many games)

zivtheawesome389d ago

well it is made in cryengine so i still have some hope. but yea a good chance it will fail miserably

NecoTehSergal388d ago

It'll probably be a Console port.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen389d ago

How many of these games that have had delayed reviews and embargoes ended up being average or worse?

I'll wait until I see others react to playing it before I decide to buy.

generic-user-name389d ago

They did the same for Doom and it was loved by most. This is just their new policy, they will do it for all their future titles, regardless of quality.

Tiqila389d ago

my new policy is to not preorder bethesda games

JasonKCK388d ago

My policy has been to never preorder anything. I don't see the point in it.

Nightmar3Demom389d ago

Yep. I've been burned too many times. No more preorders for me. And I take particular interest when a company doesn't release early review copies. Maybe it's just me being cynical, but I always end up feeling like the company is hiding something.

Chexs1990388d ago

I feel ya, unless I trust that I know exactly what I'm getting, I ain't doing pre-orders either. It's true, it does feel more of a company being insecure about the quality of their product, than them just saying "we simply don't want to".

admiralvic389d ago

While I can't comment on Bethesda as a whole, there is a strong correlation between a games quality and reviews being delayed.

For instance, they did it for Destiny because of world population, though that stuff was pretty unimportant in the end product and we had a game that scored pretty low given the size/popularity. Sure, it's a good game, but things like the story, included content and so forth was underwhelming.

I also believe CoD Black Ops Declassified was so far held back that even sites like GameSpot had to buy a copy on release to have a review. The Walking Dead Survival Instinct had a similar story.

Likewise, generally if reviews release early, companies have a lot of faith in the product, like we saw with Horizon.

There is no perfect system, obviously, as I've seen great games have launch day reviews and low scoring games like Yooka-Laylee get them a bit before release, but the general rule of thumb is the more they delay, the less faith they have.

Gaming_Cousin389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Bethesda too stupid to have a working game at launch

Ashunderfire86389d ago

Nothing to worry about these are the same guys that created the Dishonored series. Look how great those games turn out. Prey would be the same thing, with an even more open environment. This Prey looks more interesting than the last Prey. I got to be honest...I was bored halfway through the original Prey. This one has a lot of creativity.

moegooner88389d ago

Bethesda didn't create Dishonored, Arkane Studios did. Bethesda developed games are usually glitch ridden and unoptimised, so people have a very valid reason to be concerned.

Ashunderfire86389d ago

I know that Arkane Studios develop the game. What I am saying is this game will be just as good or better than Dishonored.

ZombieGamerMan389d ago

And yet Bethesda is one of the best studios out there with games that people buy the shit out of

SlightlyRetarted389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? Why people should be concerned about Bethesda Game Studios glitchy reputation, when we are talking about Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks (publisher). Bethesda Game Studios don't have anything to do with this game.

Sciurus_vulgaris389d ago

Arkane Studios is part of Bethesda.

moegooner88389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

@slightlyr Because all comments above his are about Bethesda GS developed games, and hence the need to separate between Arkane Studios and Bethesda GSs. I was referring to the earlier comments. Arkane S non-PC ports have been ok so far.

--Onilink--389d ago

i dont see where he said that Bethesda created Dishonored. He said this game is from the same people that did dishonored, which is true... Prey is from Arkhane too

Taero389d ago

I feel people often don't take into account that most of Bethesdas glitchy games are open world, the complexity of triggers and flags in open world games is many levels above linear zone based games. Small changes in one part of the world or one character bugging can have massive knock on effects on all the flags that are linked to that.

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Seafort389d ago

Dishonored 1 was a great game with amazing optimisation on PC Dishonored 2 not so much.

Developers are only as good as their last game. Arkane are amazing level designers but with Dishonored 2 they were abysmal when it came to performance.

JonnyBigBoss389d ago

Thank goodness for the demo.

Hugodastrevas389d ago

It's got me wondering if the demo isn't just a distraction of how the overall game really is...

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