Game Vortex: Facebreaker Review

Game vortex writes: "Graphically, EA's Facebreaker is a bit on the cartoony side, but it really does look good. The player models have unique attributes that help them stand apart from each other, from chiseled jaw lines and six-pack abs to fat boy nerds. There are only a handful of characters to choose from at the start, but the game also includes a decent Create-A-Boxer feature, AKA the Boxer Factory. Here you can choose from a foray of stock body parts and even put your own face on your fighter. Unfortunately, the EA Game Face feature doesn't work as well as in other titles, so you won't be able to recreate your perfect face the way you know you want to. Environments also look good and lend a hand to the semi-believable cartoon feel of the game.

As far as audio goes, Facebreaker busts out some sweet and unconventional videogame menu music. The in-game audio is okay, but there's nothing special. Here you'll get the typical punching sound fx, as well as big slams and knockdown noises. The characters also have dialogue, and the voiceovers generally fit their physical characteristics."

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