PSX Extreme: Buzz! Quiz TV Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Sony's line-up of party games is no doubt stellar. Featuring the likes of SingStar and Buzz!, both titles have been keeping gamers busy in their living rooms for extended periods of time. While SingStar is a bit more established than their quiz show game, Buzz, Sony's up-and-coming franchise is still gaining waves with every release. Just like SingStar, Buzz has amassed more popularity overseas but is slowly catching on in the states. With a number of games available on the PlayStation 2, the series is here to enter the next-gen world of the PlayStation 3 with an all new trivia set that covers a variety of genres, and a horde of other features that will keep you going for a long time.

Based on the name, you may be lead to think that this is a game with TV trivia. But it isn't; Quiz TV is the in-game TV network that delivers you a variety of trivia genres, such as Music, Movies, Television, Sports, Brainiac, and Lifestyle questions. In total, over 5000 questions exist in the game, and that means it'll be a long, long time before you run through the entire game's set of trivia to the point where you memorize it. Channel Hopper mode will allow you to switch between the categories/genres, giving you the ability to engage in diverse trivia offerings."

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Silogon3580d ago

I'm a pretty big fan of buzz and I love the Videogame pak they released on the store today. It's pretty damn good. Buzz isn't a game many of you would probably buy over Resistance 2 or Motorstorm or whatever, but I know I sure would. Well, I'm getting those too so that doesn't apply to me but if I had a choice I'd get buzz over Motorstorm for sure.