PSX Extreme: Eternal Sonata Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Last year, Xbox 360 owners were treated to a relatively original and very musical RPG known as Eternal Sonata. For months after the release, rumors began to spread that Namco Bandai would bring the solid melodic adventure to the PlayStation 3, and, thankfully, those rumors proved true. The PS3 version will launch in North America on October 21 – adding to an already impressive October lineup – and for PS3 owners, this should be one of the very first role-playing titles worth buying for Sony's next-gen machine. The good news is that although it's about a year late, this new version will feature plenty of additions and enhancements, and in that way, it reminds us of the upcoming Bioshock PS3 version. Translation: Eternal Sonata PS3 will be the best version of the two, and if you didn't play it on the 360, it's a must-consider for the fall. The gameplay isn't entirely original but it is intriguing, and the foundation built around legendary composer Frederic Chopin will appeal to true music lovers. Check it out."

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