Strategy Informer: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Much like the technology on show in Pandemic's latest open-world destructathon, Mercenaries 2 has an air of 2006 about it. From the lacklustre visual design to the horridly sporadic audio, you'd expect more polish from a title in development this long - after all, this a genre that has the likes of GTA IV and Saints Row to compete with. But when most of your key features are trumped by the ageing Just Cause, something is horribly awry.

Focussing on the jovial spirit of simply blowing shit up, Mercs 2 lays out its stall early on. Basic third-person controls wrap around an easy targeting system and satisfactory level of responsiveness, along with an acute sense that objects in the world are simply there to be played with. Weapons can be picked up, air strikes called in, Motorbikes and tanks stolen, cars commandeered and disguises adopted whenever and wherever you like. As a 3rd-person playground, large-scale Venezuela isn't a bad proposition, offering everything from skyscrapers to dense jungle across a huge and teeming map."

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