GameSpot: Baja: Edge of Control 360 Review

GameSpot writes: "Baja: Edge of Control from 2XL Games is an ambitious off-road racer that, while not necessarily better than games that have come before it, does enough things well and introduces enough new features to make it a good addition to the genre. Loosely based on the annual Baja 1000 race that takes place in Mexico, Edge of Control not only features rally courses that are much longer than those in other games, but also courses that are so rugged and treacherous that even driving in a straight line can be challenging. Many of the races are endurance tests for both you and your car, and the damage and repair management system adds a unique strategic element to longer events. The quality of the visuals varies according to which console you're playing on. The Xbox 360 version looks good and runs smoothly, the PlayStation 3 game does not."

The Good

* Great course designs
* Plenty of vehicle and event variety
* Split-screen support for up to four players

The Bad

* The easy difficulty setting is a lie
* Career mode lacks depth.

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