Blizzard Proves They Really Love You

StarCraft is available to everyone, complete with essential updates. But does everyone really understand why this is so great?

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MunchMiller00598d ago

Giving away 20 year old trash constitutes love now does it? Really, if Blizzard could still milk another red cent out of Starcraft, I'm sure they would. Giving them any props for this is purely comical.

In all honesty, all games should become public domain in terms of use, after 15 years. If you need more than 15 years to make money off your product, you should really get the hell out of the business. All these copyrights do, is allow these companies to swing their hammer and hold things hostage. Shutting down fan remakes that have zero impact on their business, and various other types of bulls**t tactics they use.

CorndogBurglar598d ago

1. They did make tons of money on StarCraft in 15 years.
2. No product made by ANY company or person should become public domain.
3. Blizzard didn't have to give this away. But they did. Why is that a bad thing?

How would you feel if you ran a company and after 15 years you were basically told you could no longer make money off of your product that you own the rights to. That is literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

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