Gaming Nexus: The Last Guy Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Some games are worth checking out just for the sheer oddity of it all. The Last Guy for the PS3 fits this bill perfectly. This little puzzler is just plain impossible for me to classify, with its overly cheesy premise, simple-seeming game play, and maddeningly addictive tendencies. I found myself constantly drawn back to this one without really knowing why, losing many more hours than I thought possible at first glance. And all this for the price of a nice lunch.

The story, such as it is, goes like this: A strange purple ray strikes the planet. This kills off most of the population, and many of the survivors turn into hideous monsters (inexplicably called "zombies"). The few remnants of humanity need saving. That's where The Last Guy comes in. He's (it's?) a zombie from the Himalayas, complete with red cape, and he wants to save mankind. And so it begins."

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