Gaming Nexus: Saints Row 2 Preview

Gaming Nexus writes: "THQ knows the way to win over video game journalists. All they have to do is put an event together and promise "fighting, drunkenness and nudity." And if the prospect of nakedness, alcohol and all-out brawls wasn't enough for you to make the trip to San Francisco, then they promised that there would be a man in a hot dog suit making milkshakes. Don't ask.

This week THQ decided to take the time and show off the multiplayer component of the much-anticipated Saints Row 2 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. They did this at a club called Slide, found in downtown San Francisco. They featured more than a dozen widescreen HDTVs and plenty of demos of the near-finished Saints Row 2. This was my first chance to play the game's online multiplayer modes, which I quickly learned is more than just something added on to what promises to be a deep story mode."

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