TeamXbox: Are the Price Cuts Enough?

TeamXbox writes: "When Microsoft officially announced the latest Xbox 360 price cuts for the United States, the company highlighted that "history shows that more than 75 percent of all console sales happen after the price falls below the $200 mark." As soon as you read that, you ask yourself, "then why didn't you lower the price of the console before, stupid!?!?"

As much as Wii detractors insist that Nintendo's console is the best-selling home system because of its low price, rest assured its $250 list price played a key role in the Wii's hardware sales success.

Soon after this month's price cut for the United States, which was also announced for Japan and Europe, Xbox 360 sales surged over 100 percent. A bunch of American retailers even reported that certain Xbox 360 editions were selling at six times the rate they were the weekend before September 5, the day the price cut was effective in the U.S."

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BubbleHealerHelper3586d ago

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DeforMAKulizer3586d ago

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Resistance--------Ge3586d ago

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chasegamez3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

no no no
its not enough

n4gzz3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Price cuts is not enough but that's not only thing 360 is offering. I was so scared that my 360 might get RROD (got twice) but i don't have to anymore. I can just simply buy arcade in less than 180 from online 'coz i don't do online gaming on 360. I refuse to pay even if it is only 50.

Megatron083585d ago

The price cut alone wouldnt help the 360 much but they also have some of the biggest games coming out this year Fable 2, GoW2 (the sold over 5 million) and now it look like they have spin off or expansion of Halo 3 coming out (sold over 8 million). The reason the software sells are so high on the 360 is cause they have such great games for the system.

The 360 even been out selling the ps3 (even out sold the wii one week) in japan the last couple of weeks. Thanks to a list of exclusive jrpgs hitting the 360.

hitthegspot3585d ago

Hey Megatron - you hit it on the head. MS haters have said all along that the only reason why Xbox is ruling software sales is because there are more xboxes. If MS sells more units then the software sales are going to keep climbing, and Sony is going to have trouble keeping the 2 slots they are able to maintain in the top 20 software charts.

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The story is too old to be commented.