1UP: Guitar Hero World Tour Developer Interview

1UP writes: "In the past, interviewing Neversoft developers has invariably resulted in hearing a lot of Tony Hawk lingo such as "inward heelflip" or "noseblunt slide." But now that Neversoft's fully embraced the task of crafting more Guitar Heroes, we recently took the chance to chat with project director Brian Bright and Activison/RedOctane PR manager Aaron Grant about Guitar Hero: World Tour's development -- and learned a whole lot of new developer jargon like "tempo maps" and "note tracking" in the process. Read on to add those new phrases to your gaming lexicon -- and to find out just how many songs Neversoft had to cut.

1UP: We all know about the feature set, the song list, the new instruments, and so on. What I'd like to know about is the process of developing the game. This is obviously a very different process from Gun or Tony Hawk; I'd think there's less hassle without doing a 3D engine and level design. Is it a lot more fun making a Guitar Hero game?

Brian Bright: In my experience, it's a lot more fun. [There are] issues with a Tony Hawk game, like corner glitching -- getting a guy in a corner and getting out to the outside of the world -- and having to deal with all the other bugs.... "

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