QORE Episode 5 details writes:
"As the October issue, Qore will celebrate Halloween with the theme "The Monsters of Gaming," which will debut brand new footage of Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5 and Dead Space. October also represents the approach of colder weather. In that spirit, Qore headed out to Park City, Utah to check out the PS3 version of Shaun White Snowboarding."

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plain rice3528d ago

Sony please add LBP beta access with this episode of Qore. I hate these beta code giveaways. I'd rather save my time and just purchase a Qore episode guaranteeing my access into the beta.

SmokingMonkey3528d ago

how about annual subscribers to Qore get in?

this beta give away sh!t is making some serious HYPE, the game looks like it will live up to it though.

can't wait

Premonition3528d ago

I dont think sony would do something like that because Qore comes out the first thursday of each month which would be Oct 2nd, I doubt sony would give out codes that late when LBP is suppose to be out Oct 14th.

Silogon3528d ago

I feel pretty good knowing I haven't booted up 1 episode of BORE on my ps3. 213 gb left of my 320gb hdd after todays awesome content heavy update and none of it will be going to BORE in the near future.

TOO PAWNED3528d ago

What amazes me is that Silogon sees all this awesome game in last week (R2 and LBP wow) and most important he is one of few that are allowed to visit gamesblow new site, where there are pics of Tears of blood, Legend of dragoon 2, etc. And still bashes PS3.
He is not idiot when you are talking with him through PM but here in comment section it 180 degrees. Dont know what his problems are....

mindedone3528d ago

He just bashed Qore. Let's be honest; it's boring. In the same post he also mentioned the huge content unloaded on us yesterday. I got it for demos and betas.

GamerscoreWhores3528d ago

I don't know much about this. I take it this Qore isn't available in the UK?

fllysurfer3528d ago

You take it right. No Qore except for the US.

SL1M DADDY3528d ago

Yeah, this Qore is a definite for me. I love horror survival games and Dead Space is on the top of my list for that genre.