LittleBigPlanet Coming Early According To PlayStation Underground

We all know how LittleBigPlanet is suppose to come out Oct 21, but according to an email directly from Sony via PlayStation Underground, it appears that it might be coming a couple weeks earlier then expected.

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tocrazed4you3586d ago

about a week ago so if you count the weeks and days that is a lot of days for it to be in production and stuff.

whoelse3586d ago

I see this as a response to the recent price cuts for the xbox. So I wonder if home will be pushed forward also.

himdeel3586d ago

...would give them a better idea of how the servers will handle all the traffic. I think it could be an excellent move because there is still a single play campaign to play through allowing you to collect the tools to create the levels you want to play.

avacadosnorkel3585d ago

Focus. Little Big Planet. Go buy the PSeye and everything else will be fine.! Oct. 7

Millah3585d ago


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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3586d ago

LittleBig Planet,a masterpiece exclusively for the Playstation 3

iceice1233586d ago

Xpigs don't deserve something this unique, they can stick with bulky closet homosexual space marines.

TheColbertinator3586d ago



Bill Gates3586d ago

This fame fu<king blows. Little tea-bag Planet is for BABOONS.
Halo and Gears are for real manly gamers.....AHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

You Sony droids are BABOONS......AAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

GiantEnemyLobster3585d ago

Littlebigplanet, a masterPiece of shhit exclusively for the PS3, because the Xbox 360 only allows real games to be developed for it's superior system.

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*_*3586d ago

((yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaah h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

ThatCanadianGuy3586d ago

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BulletToothtony3586d ago

it says oct 7th but i really doubt this is true....

BUT OH my gosh i hope it comes out at least the 14th..

The interesting thing is that the 7th is also a tuesday, which the usual release days...


Hershy9993586d ago

It's probably a typo, but I REALLY hope not.

Khaqan3586d ago

IT IS A TYPO. It is not possible for the beta to end after the game is released...

soljah3586d ago

hey guys it might make sense to let stores release the game as it comes in instead of sitting in the stock room waiting on a street date. this is not a mgs4 or gow2 type launch.
and mm servers will get slammed on the 21st maybe they should slowly ramp the online up by letting stores release the game as it arrives. keep checking your local shops for copies in a couple of weeks.

mfwahwah3586d ago


It doesn't make sense, but it's still possible!

Also, the 7th was the old (rumored?) date for LBP, iirc. They're probably going off that date for some reason.

proArchy3586d ago

It is possible though. They could use the remaining weeks of the Beta as test servers for the Online Create mode which apparently will not ship with the game, and is expected in a patch soon after launch. This is a great idea as it would give MM the chance to give this mode a large scale test while still allowing the masses to get their grubby little hands on the game( read: my grubby little hands). The fact remains that the game went gold a month earlier than expected, and unless they're designing a level that writes Blu-ray discs to publish the game an early release would make sense.

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