Call of Duty: WWII Is Coming This Year, But What About Advanced Warfare 2?

While it is exciting to see the series go to WWII, it's personally a bit sad to hear this year's game isn't Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2.

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annoyedgamer512d ago

AW was the beginning of the end for COD i'd rather it stayed dead.

Gaming_Cousin512d ago

The beginning? You enjoyed Call of Duty Ghosts? Lol

Relientk77512d ago

Ghosts is where it started. Ghosts was crap.

MetroidFREAK21512d ago

Yes actually... I hit max prestige and enjoyed (most) of my time in the game. The gun fights were quick (which I actually liked), but the maps and story was a bit blah... I would've given Ghosts an 8/10 and would've prefered a sequel instead of Infinite Warfare personally

512d ago
DragoonsScaleLegends512d ago

Ghosts was the last COD I was able to finish the campaign even though it was still pretty bad.

Yo Mama511d ago


I hardly ever disagree with you. But Ghosts was better than anything that came out after it. At least in my eyes.

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quenomamen512d ago

need to stab it, shoot it, drown it, cut it's head then burn the remains so it never returns

boomtube1987512d ago

F*** Advanced Warfare and all those bunny jumping $**t

XiNatsuDragnel512d ago

Burn that thought actually let me burn that for you.

Youngindy21512d ago

When is Call of Duty Ghosts 2 coming out? At the end of that game they made it seem like a sequel was coming.

bobsmith512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

destiny 2 if you want futuristic i want mw4

greywolf39512d ago

I would like ghost 2 to Come out. Story was good, and ending really got me hungry for more

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The story is too old to be commented.