SOCOM Confrontation Beta Patch 1.4 Incoming

The patch will include these fixes (more after the jump)

The SOCOM Confrontation 1.40 patch addresses the following issues:

* Fixed an issue which was causing an abnormally large number of simultaneous kills.
* Optimized the Armory so that selecting weapons, attachments and general menu navigation are much faster.
* Fixed another issue where you could get stuck in spectator cam when late joining a game.
* Fixed an issue where occasionally late joiners would have very low framerate and crash when exiting a game.
* Fixed an issue where occasionally late joiners would have no audio.
* Statistics improvements. Statistics are now being tracked at the team level and not the player level. This will ensure stats are tracked for dropped and late joining players.
* Further improved load times for late joiners.
* Fixed several stability issues.

The following changes were made based on user feedback:

* Added new burst firing accuracy tuning when moving. You are now more accurate for the initial burst while moving but accuracy deteriorates as you continue to fire more shots.
* Scopes are now accurate.
* The select screen scoreboard is now exited by pressing the select button.
* Improved tiebreaker rules.
* New HUD animation to indicate when you are reloading.
* Crosshairs now turn grey when your magazine is empty.

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CursedBubbleEater3651d ago

I am the CursedBubbleEater, talk nice, or you will be taken a bubble.

The CursedBubbleEater

GiantEnemyLobster3651d ago

what happens if I pop one of YOUR bubbles with my claws??

Hydrolex3651d ago

This game was a buy for me but GOOD !! The beta took it out of my buy list and maybe these patches bring it back again

UnSelf3651d ago

stay tuned folks...... the showdown begins....

jwatt3651d ago

The game is an automatic buy for me the only thing that would stop me from buying it is if the beta is not fixed before it ends. It has gotten better but hopefully this update will fix alot more stuff. When I get into a game it's fun though.

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The gaming GOD3651d ago

They've been improving this game heavily since the beta started. All due to player opinion and feedback

Overr8ed3651d ago

its good to know that the devs aren't just taking this game as just a sever stress test.

QUNE3650d ago

Because that was how S2,S3, etc. was done.

pansenbaer3651d ago

YESSS! They fixed the menu! That thing was soooo slow. And I love this one:

'The following changes were made based on user feedback'
"Scopes are now accurate"


badz1493651d ago

I LOLed at that one too

cmrbe3651d ago

all you fans to give them hell. So please continue to do so. It will end with a more polish product.

iceice1233651d ago

It could release right now and be another great game. Hell, in its current state it blows Halo 3 away.

The gaming GOD3651d ago

Is this the same Icewake I remember???

If so, what made you jump ship to the ps3 side of things?

iceice1233651d ago

Like SOCOM that are not bright rainbow battlefields for little kids.

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The story is too old to be commented.