Xbox Fans Getting Cancellation Emails For E3 2017 FanFest, Microsoft Looking Into It

This year, Microsoft won't just be planning for its E3 2017 presser taking place on June 11th. It will also host its Xbox Fanfest, allowing lucky players to attend the presser as well receive hands-on time with upcoming games (not to mention Project Scorpio).

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XanderZane392d ago

Looks like the Fanfest was limited to the amount of people who could attend. They generated more tickets then they needed. So when fans purchased tickets after the limit was reached they got cancellation notices. Seems a LOT of fans want to go to this event. Microsoft needs to expand it so more fans can attend.

XanderZane391d ago

Going to be about price. They really need to nail the price if they want Scorpio to sell millions right from the start. Anything over $500, it's not going to sell quickly. Microsoft may need to eat some of the costs.

XanderZane391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

We can dream. I doubt it will happen, but I'll eat my crow if it's less then $500.

343_Guilty_Spark391d ago


I'll save you a plate.

Bigpappy391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Its the good kind. Looks like many are really looking forward to getting an early taste of the Monster.

XiNatsuDragnel391d ago

Lol fiasco are bad, but still I'm hyped but I'm worried that Scorpio won't sell as much without these events.

medman390d ago

Whoever sent out the email figured that after all the game cancellations, studio cancellations....time to start cancelling events, just to keep things even and on the up and up. Wouldn't want to go about actually making fans happy and giving them the wrong impression.