Crazy Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero Price War

Gameplayer has unearthed an interesting development in the pricing of Rock Band and Guitar Hero this Christmas that could change the way music game fans approach their purchases.

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SlappingOysters3679d ago

how crazy is that? What a price screw-up

barom3679d ago

I honestly always loved the guitar hero controller better. It doesn't feel as cheap. Although I don't think I'll buy the new controllers as I got the Rock Band 1 instruments. Not sure if they'll work with GH:WT (doubt it) but at least I'll get to play Rock Band 2 which is pretty much enough for me

jorgeanaya0003679d ago

I might not even buy either.

LeonSKennedy4Life3679d ago

I can't afford that crap.

Screw them!

kwicksandz3679d ago

They are doing the same thing sony did to PAL with the 6axis. dump the old stock on the secondary markets.

Neither deserve our money at the markups they sell rockband or ghwt in AUS but at least activision is giving us the latest product and not last years offering.

Call me when rockband 2 launches in Aus, preferably at a pricetag less than a console.

psnDevistator3563679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

The Full band kit for Guitar hero is $189(basically $200, check all over.
Who would buy it for $400 really people, thats not smart business.

OH never mind I think there talking about Australia, that can be different. I've never been there to know how there price structure is. If its only for them, damn that sucks