Why I'm Switching to Sony Playstation 3 writes: I've been the biggest Microsoft/XBox booster for the past five years, but I've just let my XBox Live Gold membership lapse and I have no plans to renew it any time soon. For the multi-platform title releases, I'll buy them for the Playstation 3 from now on. If a new Halo title comes out in the future, I'll probably buy it, but I'm pretty much done with the XBox 360.

Why? It's become clear through recent articles just how badly Microsoft has ripped off the public with both the original XBox and the XBox 360.

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Breakfast3433d ago

Why im switching to the xbox.

SonySoldierEternaL3433d ago

i can't believe you reported this story


too bad it will get approved

*evil laugh*

GiantEnemyCrab3433d ago

So true man!! Who approved this crap? This is one persons opinion and it's news now?

I am going to make a blog about why I hate the PS3 and why I got burned on the PS2 when my system died and Sony told me to p!ss off and pay up for a problem the PS2 was known for.

The difference is it would never be approved.

aceitman3433d ago

between paying for live little big planet home im getting ps3 games y chance it im tired of my system breaking down too ps3 has shown me the light the blue one

VF34EJ253433d ago


True this is just one person's opinion. But what about the other million articles and each are just one person's opinion. It makes no difference.

At least this particular author isn't stating it like a FACT that all Xbox owners must switch to PS3. He gave valid reasons for why he is getting a different console.

The difference between you and him, just like you said. You'd make an article for no reason just to bash the PS3. Very tool-like qualities from you.

Dick Jones3433d ago

You want to be all self righteous and try to teach Microsoft a lesson, go right ahead. Nobody wants to hear you whine, ***** and complain about every little decision you make in your life on Live, and since you felt the need to post this I'm sure thats exactly what you used to do.

Bathyj3433d ago

Man you guys are whiney.

It may surprise you to know, lots of us where big fans of the first XB until we got shafted. You always say you speak the truth. Well there's NOTHING in that story that isn't true, but you would rather no one read it, like you can censor the internet and no one would know about M$'s crap business practices.

And stop b*tching about PS2. It never had a 33% failiure rate or even 5% so dont pretend one thing justifies the other, it sounds pathetic and desparate. Plus you're about 6 or 7 years to late, this is about a CURRENT issue.

Oh, there might be one mistruth in there. I dont believe for a second a 8GB HDD was costing M$ $70. They dropped XB1 just to get the jump on Sony and rush out a console early. Problem is, by being first, they will also be first to be obsolete just like whoever makes their coffee first will find it went cold before anyone else's.

r2kcipher3433d ago

well if it read "Why im switching to the xbox" it would need to be classified as a rumor... and will probably be debunked later..

StephanieBBB3433d ago

Did he offend some of you in some way? If so then I can understand why you act like you do.

Man_of_the_year3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

Well everyone is entitled to their opinion - however i would like this guy to prove to me that he actually had an xbox to begin with - how do i know that he is not some PS fanboy just writing in his daily blog some BS story about why he is switching. To me i feel that Sony let me down. I went in to buy a gaming console for some good games like LBP, WKC, KZ2 etc and they forced me to pay for a Blu-ray player, wi-fi connectivity, and i had to buy a HDMI cable that was not added with the console and to top it off it didnt even come with a mic.

Now i am trying to figure out how this article was approved when it doesnt fall under any category that is allowed on N4G as this is not news 4 gamers

It also seems a little odd that some random guys BLOG that is clearly a negative BLOG about the xbox gets approved right after Bungie launches a positive new teaser trailer for Halo 3....

@ i make stuff up
atleast a creditable review comes from a source that has some kind of credit and has established itself in reviewing games - im not going to take my car to get fixed by some random guy walking down the street - i am going to take it to someone that has a history and credibility in fixing cars.

I Make Stuff Up3433d ago

"This is one persons opinion and it's news now? "

Really? And what is a game review?

WIIIS13433d ago

Ha! He'll switch back to the 360 within a month or 2.

Ju3433d ago

Hey, don't bring up Bungie here. We had about 10 or 15 articles about a TRAILER, not even a game. WTH. How boring is that (or desperate?).

mikeslemonade3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

The people who should only own an xbox are the people who just want to experience what next gen is but if you played all the exclusives already there's noting much ground breaking that is coming. There's just a lot more things going on with PS3: the mods of Little Big Planet, the graphics of Killzone 2, and the evolution of the RPG done by White Knight Story. Everything on xbox 360 that is coming out is just catering to the same crowd.

gaffyh3433d ago

I was half expecting this to be bruceongames lol

BattleAxe3433d ago

This article is a good dose of the truth! Glad it got approved.

cwir3433d ago

Dude you're not serious are you?:)

You need a guy to prove to you that he had an xbox?? Like it's was something big to achieve to own one?:)

Some of you guys clearly have a problem with accepting what he wrote. Just face it that someone might actually switch from xbox to ps3 :). And just for all those reasons he listed. I don't see anything bias about it. Just a guy's opinion. And there were so many "one guy's opinions" approved here on N4G that there's nothing unusual about it. Why does it bother you that this is posted here? Because you don't like stories that say negative stuff about Microsoft? He's not lying or anything.

And finally your bit about Sony forcing you to pay for a blu-ray player, wi-fi etc.. - that's a funny joke :)

Tarasque3433d ago

How about i make an article of why sony screwed me on my psp. In which i only had for a month and while it was updating my step son knock it off the table and it turned off. It wont turn back on now, So now they want me to send in my psp and 80 bucks and they will send me a refurb....WTF. So then they can reprogram my chip in about 5 mins and resell it as a refurb.

And to the article i am glad you are switching to the PS3, cause you are probably one of the retards i play with on xbox live that doesn't understand teamwork in B-Company.

AAACE53433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

If people are tired of their 360 for some reason of another, they should trade it or something! If having a Ps3 makes you happy... then get a Ps3! There's no need for an article like this, except for trying to get others to jump ship with you.

I am happy if you find the place you want to be! But don't take advantage of some of the weak minded who can't make a decision for themselves. Some people are just born followers, and should learn to make a choice!

@Slim Daddy

We all got nickel and dimed by sony with the Ps2! WTF are you talking about? You do remember having to buy multiple memory cards for Ps2, while xbox had a HDD in it right? You do remember the gamecube and xbox had four controller ports, while sony was content with you buying a multi-tap right?

That didn't stop you from loving the Playstation brand has it? Or is it that you don't see it as Sony was nickle and diming you?

I went through 5 Ps2's last gen cause they kept breaking on me! So for me to only be on my 2nd 360 doesn't feel so bad!

prunchess3433d ago

My 5 year old son is still playing the launch model PS2 I got for christmas in 2001 (Its been chipped, has a network adapter and a 250 gig hard drive installed now) What the H3LL were you doing to them to break 5 PS2s? My PS2 must have spent at least five of those years used every day.

What was the problem - disk read error?

bigman73873433d ago

I really hope that's sarcasm because if you expect Sony to replace the PSP that you broke you're pretty ridiculous. I think I'm gonna go crash my car into a telephone pole and expect Toyota to replace it.

thewhoopimen3433d ago

hahah tarasque. You must be a stay at home step dad if you think any company's going to replace your product for damaging it. why don't we take your xbox360 and drop it on the ground. Call MS since you seem to think they'll fix it for free. That 3 yr warranty is only for RROD.

The Makr3433d ago

Does this guy not realize you can play both machines? His reasoning seems fairly petulant.

Man_of_the_year3433d ago

My the ignorance is strong in this one

Well what is a random guys opinion if there is no proof to back up his opinion..than you are just a fool to believe what he says...and a random guys BLOG is not news worthy and if i remember when i signed up for this site that random guys BLOGS were not permissable as news...i would have said the same thing if it had been the other way around...but i don't see too many of those articles being approved..

Also yes i was forced to pay for those features as i had no option to not pay for if i wanted a gaming console to play certain games that were exclusive then i had to pay for features that i had no use for...

cwir3433d ago

Ok :). Since when an opinion requires proof??????? It's an opinion not a fact!
And why am I not to believe his opinion?? He presented it, explained why he thinks that and what caused it. End of story! What is there to prove???
It's another thing if this is news worthy. But apparently this story made it to the top today so obviously there was interest in it, wasn't there?
And now, because you don't share and dislike his opinion, you want to demean it by saying it's not a news! It's not a news. But still interesting! There were loads of stories like this, which weren't news but still managed to get a lot of interest and make it to the top!

So perhaps rather than changing the subject, maybe say that you don't agree with this guy and show your arguments. Say why you wouldn't switch from Xbox to PS3 and back your opinion with facts as he did.

And about you being forced to pay for features that you don't use - HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO YOU?? :D:D:D

JD_Shadow3433d ago

There are other opinions than those that love the 360 and hate the PS3. There are those that are vice versa, and they have responsible, well-thought out views as to why they have decided. This labeling, finger pointing, and bashing just because it is a pro-PS3 point and an anti-360 article has got to stop. As long as it is a well thought out "blog" and the person has sincere reasons that are well founded as to why he did what he did, then yeah, it's alright. You guys complain about us "reporting" a pro-360 article. Uh, no, unless the story is immature (like those two techspy article that you guys tried to get through a long time ago. Yes, we still remember those). But then again, we're supposed to treat every pro-360 opinion equally while never letting a pro-PS3 opinion regardless of maturity get out there, so there.

And also, the guy who submitted this filed this under "Article". BIG difference there.

And was it me, or did the N4G mods once let go and reinstated a story that bashed the PS3 even though it got several reports? It seems as though you once again want the rules to apply to everyone except you. If this was someone doing the opposite (going to the 360 over the PS3), it would instead be shoved down our throats.

Here's a thought: Instead of finger-pointing, labeling, bashing, reporting to suppress before projecting that act upon everyone else, or whatever, let's do this: READ THE ARTICLE! LISTEN to the things that he says, and take them into account and form an actual opinion as to what he said, pro and con. You guys are going "why did this get approved" but have yet to make even one counterpoint to anything that was said. This proves that you're just scared that the opinion is out there for people to read.

Stubacca3433d ago

It's hardly important news but it's part of the whole console debate, which is what keeps the gaming community so alive. I read articles on here all the time that are rumours and opinions and his is just as valid. So chill out.

I read his article and he explains himself very well. I also believe his opinions echo many gamers around the world. Microsoft annoy people with things they have done and we are allowed to recognise that.

Forget fanboyism. I like to hear opinions and attitudes from all. If I didn't, I wouldn't be reading these comments. And neither would you I'm sure.

TheDude2dot03432d ago

Apparently to write an article you must not have any opinion.

Man_of_the_year3432d ago

Oh cwir you are as dumb as you are just validated that this is not news...thus why is it on this site and how did it get approved...yes this is an opinion but an opinion without fact is my opinion the sky is purple...does that mean you should credit me for the opinion..NO. This article is stricly flaimbait approved by sony fanboys like yourself who cant see the obvious. I didnt change the i am not sure where you get that from but you clearly have issues as you have already agreed that this is not news but rather some random guys opinion about something that should have not been approved by the standards of this site which what many ppl have already pointed out. Not too mention you also said that its an opinion not a you not see the idiocy in that statement..if its not fact then why are we reading this on a news site and why are you so eager to accept it as truth that he fanboys are a rather strange bunch you only seem to see the things that you small pathetic eyes will let you see...

Also i guess since i proved to you that i was forced to have to buy features on the PS3 that i didnt need you have to then spin it like its such a bad such an idiot that you cant see i was making a point that there are issues on both sides of the fence that ppl may not like about the companies that make the console but you dont see me crying on the internet and saying i am going to switch to the xbox 360 because i didnt like that sony made me pay for things i didnt want or need.

you cwir are an extremely ignorant person...i guess you will be the first person i block on here...thats too bad because i like reading what everyones opinions are just to ignorant for me to even comprehend

Lyan3432d ago

All of you talk as if this is personal. Your taking stances as if you must side with one or the other. It's as if your defending the corporations behind these consoles. Sony this, M$ that, both of them are looking for the best way to get you to give them your money. That is it, nothing more really. Is one worse than the other, depends on perspective. Do you need to get personal with other people who don't have the same point of view as you? no.

Just let it go already, no one is better than the other for everyone. Also, NEITHER company is good, their only goal is to be financially successful.

cwir3432d ago

I'm not stupid, I'm not ignorant and above it all and opposite to you my friend, I follow LOGIC and common sense (plus I know what certain words mean when I use them). I don't start my comments and discussions with offending someone, only to demean what that person has said and so my own comments supposedly sound better.
I'll try, for the last time, to EXPLAIN to you why your comments make no sense. Reply if you wish but I'm done discussing with you as you follow some other standards apparently and it'll probably be pointless to continue this.

I validated that this is not news. SO WHAT??? Where did I state before that it was news, so you can argue that you are right that it isn't??? This is irrelevant!!
It got approved because it is an interesting point and an example why would someone switch from xbox to PS3. Not the first time and we've seen stories about the other way around. So what that this is not news yet somehow got approved on N4G???? That's not my fault, I didn't approve it but I don't mind it being approved because it's interesting!!!!
Then you say that opinion without fact is meaningless :). Do I REALLY need to point to the facts in this article????? Perhaps you don't understand what a fact is or you're so narrow minded that you only accept facts which you like? The guy explains his motives with some widely known FACTS about Microsoft.
Then you say that I'm a fanboy :). Because I've got a different opinion than you?? Please, give it a deep thought cuz I'm too tired to even try to explain how hipocryte you are now.
Then this. I said that this is opinion not a fact. WHERE'S THE IDIOCY IN THIS???? Opinion is not a fact. Lemme quote from the quickest source (wiki) for you: "An opinion is not a fact, because opinions are either not falsifiable, or the opinion has not been proven or verified. If it later becomes proven or verified, it is no longer an opinion, but a fact". I DON'T ACCEPT what this guy says as truth! I just like his opinion!!!!!!!! DO YOU GET THAT???????
Another sentence of yours about fanboys also shows you're hipocryte :)
About paying for PS3's features: apparently that's how they designed this system, it works as a whole. Blu-ray, because games are on blu-ray, Wi-Fi because it's convenient, hard drive because some games need it etc.. All that stuff is what makes PS3 as a whole. A multi-purpose multi-media system.. Not just a games console. No one forces you to buy it. And when you say that you bought it anyway and feel that Sony made you pay for all the extra stuff.. well.. you like moaning don't you?:)

And I couldn't care less if I'm the first person you'll block here :). It might even be better. I'm too rational for you. And I'm not too ignorant for you to comprehend. You just don't comprehend things..

Good day sir and don't bother..

fear883432d ago

With these 360 fanboys it makes perfect sense, its not about being the best deal anymore. Its who you can and cannot fool into buying a flawed product. Obviously Microsoft is taking a play out of Nintendo's playbook by "Appearing" to be a good buy but just not BEING a good buy.

I think we all know that a lot of people enjoyed the Wii, but its flawed. The controls suck and well, where are the games? How does a game system with an abysmal quality library of games become the best selling console, its probably how smart (or retarded) of a consumer they are targeting.

Same thing. Appeal to the stupid because they won't know any better.

You can have the highest sales numbers but that does not reflect the quality of a product like McDonalds.

Over 1 Trillion burgers served does not make the burger better. If the competition can offer something of higher quality for a reasonable price.

If quality is to be sought, PS3 is the one console that guarantees it in its overall experience in using it. Home, LBP, R2, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, PSNs overall multiplayer stability and reliability, exclusive and MORE AFFORDABLE, PSN games, and the most impressive hardware in terms of shear completeness, reliability, and technology.

People you get what you pay for, I'll leave you to your $1 double cheeseburger (since its the only thing you are willing to pay for). Meanwhile I am heading over to "The Stand" down the street to get a PROPER meal.

Tarasque3432d ago

Hell yeah they should if they have something will that will mess your psp up they need to fix. Not my fault it fell foot and half and turned off during an update so it hosed my psp. I have read alot of people got there psps hosed this way. It didnt physically tear my psp up, it was cause it was updating and the power turned off.

GiantEnemyCrab3430d ago


"The difference between you and him, just like you said. You'd make an article for no reason just to bash the PS3. Very tool-like qualities from you."

How funny coming from a person who expresses tool-like qualities when it comes to Sony .You don't think the PS2 DRE issues are a valid complaint? Actually wait, I already know the answer now back to the toolbox for you.

Jake11113428d ago

I wouldnt give a tin crap if Microsoft left the original xbox behind. I really dont care and dont remember as I purchased the 360 on day 1.

I am about having the best console available with the best games!

Life is short. Why would I want to spend the next 10 years playing games that arent the best on the market??? Makes no sense.

This is the reason I havent purchased one game on the WII since Zelda and the reason I am now a PS3 fan.

The 360, when it came out was a monster system:
COD was breathtaking. Jumping off the boat into the water in the one level when bullets wizzing by etc was amazing.
Kameo was great.
Perfect Dark Z was cool.
Oblivion was wild!
GOW amazing...

Then came PS3.
RFOM was awesome
Warhawk blew my mind. Nothing like it on 360
-------> MGSIV!!!!
And progressively:


Notice how the games are getting better and better. Also, I just upgraded my internal HD to 320 gig for 100 bills.... This is insane. ! Why wouldnt microsoft allow this.So basically I still have the 360 but will sell it.

I am happy with the PS3 until the next gen. If Microsoft learns from this gen and really pushes the bar instead of taking baby steps I will buy their next console.

Inversely. If Sony tries to pull a Nintendo and softens their vision on the future of gaming. I will not buy the PS4.

Regardless, competition is healthy. We are the winners in this race.

Cheers to GAMING!!!

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SL1M DADDY3433d ago

It's not about how smart you are, it's about how many times your console can break down before you throw in the towel. It's about how many quality titles come out for the PSN and have free online play compared to the exact same titles coming out on Live that you have to pay a yearly fee to play online with. It's just about how some folks get sick of being nickeled and dimed under the rouse of "giving the public options"... I play all three consoles but I can empathize with this author a bit.

Silogon3433d ago

I don't blame him in a way. Why pay for what you can get for free on the PSN? What people fail to realise is that the PSN offers almost no lag and a quality online experience that has to realy be played to be believed I play on live and psn and I can tell anyone honestly, without bias, the PSN is a more stable ntewrok and offers a much more quality experience. You don't get a lot of kids yelling how bad you suck and you don't have a lot of racial slurs going on in PSN. Xbox live is loaded with teenage punk puffer fish talk. It's so absurd and if you're an adult or even mature you know it's not where you need to be.

It's like going to a blink 182 concert when you're 40. Or like a rap concert or even a hanna montana concert without kids. < WEll, you might need to be locked up in this case.

Still, the fact remains. the PSN is a quality network and one thatis starting to be unrivaled and only the media is keepig it back.

Breakfast3433d ago

Back and forth, back and forth....lmao

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3433d ago


Remind you of anyone?


Breakfast3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

xbox is the best :)

ps3 is the worst :(

LeonSKennedy4Life3433d ago

At least we eat all three meals...sometimes four.

We aren't biased towards one specific meal.


Breakfast3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

The meals of the day arent even considered to be a race.

Now go back to eating your first class dinner of frog legs, and snails....frenchy :D ...

You gonna throw up that white flag yet? know...the one you throw up, after every war, fight, or skirmish.


VF34EJ253433d ago

Breakfast, I truely wonder what kind of person you are in real life.

Probably not a lot of friends

uxo223433d ago

Sorry dude, but based on your past comments. You're incapable of being unbias when comparing anything Sony vs MS.

@LeonSKennedy4Life - you were kidding about the racist thing right? Please say yes.

Homicide3433d ago

Silogon, you're the best. No matter what anyone else says.

ZombieNinjaPanda3433d ago

I don't know what you're talking about.

Silogon is probably the only unbiased guy on this site.

He will go after either consoles and rip ya a new one.

JD_Shadow3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

I think I know now why you keep losing your bubbles (don't worry, I gave you one): Because you're the fairest commenter out there and thus anger everyone because of your points (which, are, by the way, correct). I've seen you bash and then praise all three systems equally, which is kind of refreshing giving the BS I've seen some people post and submit (and no, this article ISN'T BS).

@uxo22: And you ARE unbiased?

KingME3432d ago

I have read many post by UXO and one thing I can say is I can never remember him ever bashing any of the consoles. Although he does tend to challenge those that make far fetched or fanboyish comments including myself. So, if you're calling him biased, then you're wrong. He just calls people out that make outlandish comments or throws up the bullsh!t flag when he reads something that seems a bit lopsided.

Like these: From Silogon for example

"Xbox live is loaded with teenage punk puffer fish talk. It's so absurd and if you're an adult or even mature you know it's not where you need to be."

"When it comes to sheer content and value of that content, this week's update has smoked the xbox 360's entire update catalog and then some."

"Consumers want the Ps3, I believe they really would like to have one over the xbox 360 and certainly the wii, but they don't have the money for it."

uxo223432d ago

Yo man, thanks but I don't need you to defend me. I try to keep it as real as I can. So I said it because that's how I feel.

@darkpower it's like this if you feel that he is unbiased than that's you opinion and you are entitled to that. And you question asking me the same, one again answer it yourself. If you think I'm bias I can respect that, it's your opinion and you have a right to it. Whatever.

@Hellangelzx - You don't know what I'm talking about. Read it again, it not hard to comprehend what I'm talking about if you read it slowly. Why you are talking is what puzzles me.

JD_Shadow3431d ago

Well, I'm asking because you're accusing one person of bias when pretty much everyone carries a level of bias here in some way (based on what they have experienced, of course). As I've seen before, as well, Silogon has been unbiased with lots of things (there have been opinions he's expressed that I've not agreed with, so don't think that I've completely agreed with him all the time). However, that doesn't mean that I am going to take his bubbles away like some people do here when they see an opinion they don't like. I'll express my disagreement.

It's all about how you EXPRESS opinions here (or at least that's how it's SUPPOSED to be here. Doesn't mean that's how it ends up being, sadly).

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Bots Of A Feather Fl3433d ago

A fantastic decision made by the gamer

Sony Rep3433d ago

I couldn't have said it better...

OmarJA3433d ago

ROFLMMFAO best user name ever

guys give him bubbles...

Freezingduck3433d ago

And his neighbor can finally sleep at night while he games

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3433d ago


Have no fear

The Playstation 3 is here

SteveBallmer SonyRep3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

The fact you owned an xbox360 first means you get no love and should be strung up

Shaka2K63433d ago

You xflop 3rd60 got the RROD?
tired of exclusive flops?
tired of paying for an overpriced online service that should be free?
tired of lagfest online matches?
tired of no Blu-ray?
tired of weak graphics?
tired of shooters?
tired of trying to play games on the abysmal xbug 3rd60 controler?
tired of annoying 12 year old xbugs being racist on gears online?

then reasons are endless now.

*_*3433d ago

((after reading that preview i think i will scream if i dont get a lbp beta key lol))

-Maverick-3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

haha These are sll desperate Nasim talking to himself....everyone of them. LMFAO

PS3 sucks and is going to lose.

He so desperate for a drip of good PS3 news he's about to go insane hahaha

Seriously someone ban this crazy Arab. PS3 sucks balls and is losing, get over it. He even went and used his 'Bill Gates' persona. LMFAO

What a poor, pathetic, scary person.

NipGrip3433d ago

Maverick using his one post for something so asinine.

FAQS3433d ago

"A fantastic decision made by the gamer"
A:...yes he finally realizes what is the BEST! Soon every REAL GAMER (not brainwashed xbots) will do the same thing!

Shane Kim3433d ago

No please wait, I'll write you a cheque, I'll send you Halo 3 gift bags, just please come back!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3433d ago

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Blog and same old flame bait re-using past articles- brings nothing new to the table.
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;-D ;-D ;-D
It's strange how News from the xBoxKings site can be ok to put on this site???

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

...Switched Consoles 3 times to, i.e -
PS3!!! ;-D

(Er or is that 2 times???)

angry_xbot3433d ago

PS3 is the superior system and really if its not above your financial standards there really is no need for the inferior 3rd60 (which apart from being a noncessity is also a piece of trash as far as hardware goes).

So if you are poor as trash, up your finances. Because thats fking pathetic. 2 years and still unable to save the money for a PS3 = welfare biatch.

Pain3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )