GameInformer:Hands-On With The LBP Beta

From GameInformer:
"I feel good right now. That kind of warm and fuzzy good you usually only get after having a long laugh with a close friend. I can't remember the last time a game – let alone what is essentially a game demo – lifted my mood in such way....."

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Invalid Username3366d ago

If gamespot give it a 7.5 i'm going to destroy them.

cmrbe3368d ago

of tens coming for LBP.

As a PS fan since 1996. This is the best year so far. MGS4(The greatest MGS yet perhaps ever) R2, Fallout 3 and offcourse LBP. Of these 4 game one will be Game of the year.

Chandresh Patel3368d ago

Great news mates,I hear some american sites wont be doing any competition nonsense and will be giving out betas on a first come first served basis,I'm still trying to find out which sites will be doing it and when but hopefully they do it soon!

*_*3368d ago

((omg im still not in the beta why why why arrrrrrgh lol come on sony!!!!!!!!))

Shaka2K63368d ago

Such innovative games you can only play on Sony PS3.

Play B3yond.

ProfessionalTroll3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Sony wins yet again,the demand for the beta keys is greater than the demand for the retail copy of too human and ninja gaiden combined,tripled,and multiplied by 10

*_*3368d ago

((plz plz plz gamespot give me a beta key i want to make a rrod level))

Resistance--------Ge3368d ago

If I get an extra key I'll give it to you

Mr_Bun3367d ago

RROD level already exists...I don't think 33% of the levels are RROD...yet!

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The story is too old to be commented.