GameSpy: Saints Row 2 Preview

Last night, THQ hosted a special multiplayer session with Saints Row 2 to show off the new Strong Arm versus mode. A melange of several different in-game Activities, Strong Arm basically puts you in a round-robin where two teams compete in a series of events. As GameSpy had previously discovered, the underlying gameplay of Saints Row 2 is pretty entertaining and the over-the-top brutality makes for some hilariously violent moments, so this multiplayer mash-up of mini-games that already exist in the single-player game is unsurprisingly enjoyable. For those of you that yearn for straight up versus combat, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are still in, but Strong Arm seems to better incorporate the elements that set Saints Row 2 apart from rival sandbox games.

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sak5003583d ago

Anybody saw the xbox live interview and gameplay of SR2? The game looked like @ss and worse than GTAIV. I think it would flop big time.