1up: Little Big Planet Beta

"Actually, here's an even better idea: Keep your eyes firmly planted on during the next few days for your chance to join me in the LittleBigPlanet Beta . We'll be giving away a bevy of access codes to our users...and while I can't go into specific details yet, know that we'll be editing, playing, and sharing our levels with our lucky LBP Beta winners."

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The gaming GOD3558d ago

But you're right.

I mean think about it, some of these sites giving away beta codes loved to thrash ps3 (LBP at times as well). Now they're using a game they theoretically tried to pick apart to get extra traffic revenue

ICUP3558d ago

Seen like every website and their mother are give away beta code.

freeblue3558d ago

it might be a good thing.. now ALL THOSE SITES will know how many PS3 fans there are. Maybe their bias toward ps3 will go down a bit in their reviews, previews, articles, ratings.. whatever. Money and Numbers talk right?

jwatt3558d ago

Yea it's a good marketing plan but I don't feel like watching your podcast just give out the betas.

Peekay3558d ago

If it helps Sony and MM create hype and free advertising for this game, then good for them, and I say go for it.

RecSpec3558d ago

I gave up on it.

If I get one from Sony, cool.

If not, well, I can wait a month.
Wipeout is pretty sweet.

juuken3557d ago

I agree.
I remembered 1up jumping on the hate train especially with the PS3, not to mention other sites. Now they're using this site to generate hits.

Lol indeed.

KillaManiac3557d ago

Ya...its rediculous that some of these sites are trying to give love to LBP after all they want to do is bash it and overall the PS3 in general.

Main thing I see 1UP doing is trying to let all other sites give out their 1UP will be one of the last everyone will be constantly traffic'n their site.

Its got LAME (on our end) yet smart (on their end) written all over it.

They should just do like Eurogamer did...and just throw a bomb on their keys and let it go. (Thats how I got my key...luckily)

dylz3557d ago

I disagree 1up has always loved lbp since gdc07 and shane bethausen has been singing it's praises for the last month on it's 1up yours podcast. So while other sites may have been doing this I think it is an unfair criticism on this article

thePatriot3557d ago

shane bettenthausen is a huge sony fanboy

dylz3556d ago

Yeah doesn't that prove my point

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tocrazed4you3558d ago

Seriously the release dates on the beta codes, how they are being handle and stuff is wrong. We get the beta codes later and have less time to play while other countries are already playing. Than the websites GET TO CHOOSE WHEN TO RELEASE IT and its usually on their broadcast days instead of the day they get it. Makes me sick to my stomach. Don't forget about the xbox 360, pc, wii, etc. with no ps3 and they can even get a beta code AND THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A PS3 WHAT A WASTE.

TrevorPhillips3558d ago

well let it happend one more time because i want to get into the beta so bad

cmrbe3558d ago

LBP mania. PS fans are normally very patient with regards to waiting for quality games but this is the only game where everyone is dyeing to get into.

One month before its released and already there are heaps of user generated content for it.

Talked to some of my friends that are in the beta and they said the game is freaking amazing. The graphics, the physics and its pure fun. O top of this they are going crazy over thinking about levels they are building because there are so many things they could do.

TheBarExam_23558d ago

While you guys loathe the internet looking for a code..I'm playing the beta right now...I feel special..And not the kind of special that needs a helmet when walking...

I Make Stuff Up3558d ago

Careful now.
That attitude will win you many disagrees and might even cost you a bubble.

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