Marketing LittleBigPlanet

1. It'll receive tons of press.
Every Christmas news show will create their own level. You will see Breakfast Television LBP levels. You will se a "The View" Level, a Regis and Kelly Level. Local News shows will have their own level created. It's a marketing dream. I'll bet you a coke that before Christmas you will see a LBP level for the Fox NFL sports Show. Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long Sackboys. How about a downloadable Regis Sackboy. Not to your liking. How about a Jay Leno, or John Stewart Sackboy. And who is going to say anything bad about a game that they are in. 4 player View action with Barbara Walters. All the soccer Moms that bought Wii's last year have something new, family friendly to play. Dad sees it as a way to get a Blueray player.

2. Emotional Connection.
LBP is full of it. If Sony were to run an ad showing. dad/granddad playing with their son in creating a new level it would have something that just resonates with every dad. If Sony portrays this correctly and in the full Family positive way that it can be portrayed, they will have a monster success.

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UPDATE: The post was originally from mcloki's comment.

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Cusco3436d ago

True enough. Little Big Planet sorta just came out of no-where. Sony has made some poor console exclusive choices, but the guys at media molecule are just pure brilliant. It's nice to see a brilliantly simple, yet at the same time artistically intricate game get so much recognition. This is what making games should be about. It shouldn't be about making the next FPS or action game with X number of gameplay hours or super awesome graphics, or x number of people online. it should be about innovation like this. Of course with the saturation of the gaming market this isn't always possible, but Sony has done an amazing job securing something this big. Undoubtedly, PS3 is headed towards a really, REALLY bright future. So is MM, i think this game will spark a cultural phenomena. I was already considering doing some presentations for university using this game.