Calling out the Blu-Ray Haters

They call out ArsTechnica and Slashdot by name. Engadget writes:

For some reason, the 13 percent drop in Blu-ray sales last week got a lot of attention. What we can't figure out is why the 30 percent increases during the two weeks before (combined) went unnoticed. It boggles the mind why so many so-called tech evangelists only pick up on the bad weeks

Either way, when movies like the Forbidden Kingdom and TV shows like Terminator are stealing double digits away from DVD, sales are not down. But hey, predicting the end of Blu-ray is just so much more fun than actually analyzing all the data, isn't it? Ah well, we'll let the haters hate - meanwhile, we'll continue to enjoy the highest quality hi-def around.

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godofthunder103494d ago

The most ridiculous statement he made in his article is when he said that the br version of Terminator outsold the dvd version of it.This guy is a genius i can't understand why the br version sold more then the dvd version.Maybe it's because the majority of people have it on dvd already and want wast their money on buying the same movie again.
I have over 800 dvds a 60in lcd 1080p tv,bose 5.1 s.s,so before i make a statement,don't start saying the reason i don't have br is because i can't afford it.The reason that i don't buy br because it's not worth it.
The fact is that the majority of br fans have a ps3.if it wasn't for the ps3 br would've died along with hd-dvd.Ps3 fans will argue that downloading isn't hurting the sales of br and dvds but they are wrong.I have 2 friends that were big dvd collectors and they don't buy them anymore.They watch them on ppv,on demand or off the computer.They are also saying that it's a wast of money buying dvds now.
The fact is that they have a lot of people that stop buying dvds because of on demand and other services.They are even starting to sell games that you have to download instead of buying the game disc.
I still buy dvds but not as much and i perfer it then downloading movies.The majority of people are moving away from buying dvds because of ppv and other services.Ps3 fans keep saying that people want to have the dvd or br in their hands instead of on a hard drive so down loading want hurt the dvd and br sales.The fact is that it has been hurting dvd sales well before br came along.As for the argument that people want to have the hardware in their hand instead of a hard drive is already proven false.When people started downloading music people said the exact thing but look what happened.Cd sales are in the garbage and almost every one has an ipod and download music off the net on to a hard drive.Ps3 fans might not like it,i don't even like it but things like dvds and br are on the way out.every thing is heading the same way cds did.Br will never have the sucess that dvds had because of streaming.

Rhythmattic3494d ago


The guy Stated the BR Terminator "TV" series outsold the DVD version.

Not the 1984 Movie Classic .

Just in case you missed it

SaiyanFury3494d ago

It's so true. I bought The Forbidden Kingdom on BD last week and I thought it was amazing in HD. A great movie in it's own right, it looks phenomenal in 1080p. Jackie Chan and Jet Li in a great movie that's presented well in 1080p. What's not to like? BD is not on the downward spiral that sites like to propose. These sites just like to propose the end because it's sensational. Just not the actual facts. The facts indicate otherwise; BD sales are on the rise and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

TheSadTruth3494d ago


The guy Stated the BR Terminator "TV" series outsold the DVD version.

Not the 1984 Movie Classic .

Just in case you missed it "

Oh, easy answer

Only a moron would watch such a terrible TV show, and more morons just happen to have Blu-Ray players which only have marginally better picture quality over DVD

Rhythmattic3494d ago


All I have to Say is Judging by your Avatar (bet you change it now) you were defiantly dropped on your head as an infant.

Oner3494d ago

@ 1.4 - TheSadTruth ~ "and more morons just happen to have Blu-Ray players which only have marginally better picture quality over DVD"

You honestly cannot beleive what you just said? How is it then EVERY known tech site and technical documentation absolutely refutes your "view" of BD? If you cannot see nor tell the obvious difference BD has over DVD then there is something wrong with you...I think it's called "bias" look into it. Seriously.

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DavidMacDougall3494d ago

Blu Ray is the future there is nothing nobody can do now because people cant be arsed with another war so Blu-Ray is here to stay

SL1M DADDY3494d ago

And anybody else that says differently is kidding themselves. BD is the next format and no matter what the nay-sayers say, it is not going away.

Homicide3494d ago

They're just jealous that they can't afford a blu-ray player. I just bought Nightmare Before Christmas on blu-ray, epic stuff. The colors and the picture quality looks so beautiful. I threw away my DVD copy.

pixelsword3494d ago

... I can't believe I wrote that knowing it would rhyme.

*gets doughnuts*

BulletToothtony3494d ago

what do people think???

Rhymes = Disagree

What is he Smoking?!?!? = Agree

PirateThom3494d ago

"ray" and "stay"

Thing about it. Say them out loud.

arika3494d ago

as i said before there are a lot black propaganda coming around specially now that a lot of good stuff(great games, bluray movies, home and etc.) are happening to ps3 and bluray.

whatever they do bluray will still be the format of the future and because of that ps3 is the logical choice as a game format and a bluray player.

cmrbe3494d ago

And thats all i got to say about it.

WIIIS13494d ago

In your own little world it is.

VF34EJ253494d ago

In his little world, and the other 15-16 million PS3 owners.

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