Download G.A.M.E. 3.0 WipEout Edition: A custom soundtrack for WipEout HD made by GAFers

Neogaf forums have created custom soundtrack for WipEout

hit the jump for more info ..

Downloading links :

How to put it on Ps3 :

1. Unzip the package
Unzip the package on a USB key. Select "Extract Here" if you can. There should be 2 folders in your jumpdrive's root directory, "MUSIC" and "PICTURE".
2. Plug it in your PS3 to copy files
Plug this drive into your PS3, and go to the Picture icon in the XMB, select the Jumpdrive and you can download the album art to your PS3. Go to the Music icon in the XMB, select the Jumpdrive and you will see G.A.M.E. 3.0. Hit Triangle button and select "Copy", it will be copied to your PS3 Hard Drive.
3. Create a new Playlist
Then go to Playlists and select "Create New Playlist". Name it "G.A.M.E. 3.0". Select that playlist, hit Triangle Button and select "edit". You can now add all the G.A.M.E. 3.0 tracks into the playlist in any order you like.

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btkadams3464d ago

ooo im in it wooooo. people please comment and give honest opinions of the tracks. we're all artists and need feedback. PS dont disagree agree with this post if you like it or not lol, just give feedback.

achira3464d ago

i think the music is really good! it fits perfectly to the game. i want more of it, more more more! ingenious work!