Developer calls Nintendo "douches"

Former Nintendo employee Dan Adelman says that Nintendo are "being douches" about bringing Axiom Verge to the Nintendo Switch. He also states that they haven't confirmed they're bringing the game to Switch.

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EatCrow597d ago

Curious. Did you write that thinking what a monkey would do.

Head to desk. Repeat.

mikeslemonade597d ago

1. Nintendo feels threatened that the game looks like metroid.

2. Oh well, like which 19 people are actually gonna by Axiom Verge on Switch lol

ShwaaMan597d ago


The same people that will buy Metroid, which is A LOT. However Nintendo, in all of their wisdom, won't release a proper Metroid title will they?

indysurfn597d ago

Nintendo can't win. People complain if you do or dont bring a game to the system it does not matter WHAT they do.

wonderfulmonkeyman597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

At this point, anyone who #1 can form a sane thought path through this, and #2 isn't neck-deep in Nintendo hate thanks to the article giving them an opening to vent their childishness, is probably doing the same thing I am.
There are plenty of people questioning why Axiom Verge isn't arriving quicker, and many of them are, like me, fans who enjoyed it on Wii U, but none of the people with any sort of rationality are calling Nintendo a douche over this.
If Nintendo's reason turns out to be a bad one, once we actually know what it is, then I might be inclined to agree with this article, but as it stands, it's just a clickbait & hater-gate article, and the anti-Nintendo douches on this site are just gnawing at that bone for dear life.

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Platformgamer597d ago

Finally someone with the balls

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RommyReigns597d ago

As Randy Orton would say... 'Screw 'em!'

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2pacalypsenow597d ago

Nintendo was much worse during the 80's and 90's, thanks to Sega and Sony they were put in their place.

XanderZane597d ago

Nintendo's motto was, "3rd party developers will come to us if they want to make games for our game consoles."

They never went after 3rd party developers, as they never needed to. Now big named 3rd party developers are mostly ignoring Nintendo as they don't have the installed base or the hardware developers really want to develop one. Switch will get a lot of Indies.

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Tetsujin597d ago

The article only states they're waiting on Nintendo to give the OK to release it, which is why it wasn't a launch title, and uses a Twitter quote as the headline. The story could have easily been at max 4-5 sentences. This is borderline click-bait.

gangsta_red597d ago

Agreed, I read the article looking for the "douche" quote.

Phil32597d ago

It's easier to give console warriors ammo with clickbait story titles with little content to them to rile both sides up. It's irresponsible writing at best and "they knew what they were doing with that headline" at worst.

Rearden597d ago

What are you talking about, the quote is right there in the article.