The Escapist: Infinite Undiscovery Review

However, in spite of all that, it must be said that Infinite Undiscovery is a commendable effort -- a game that could've been great, but due to these crazy times in which people live, fell slightly short of that mark. And even though it'll probably find its place in the history books scrunched in between Blue Dragon and Blue Dragon Plus, it should be remembered not for its cookie-cutter plot and adherence to JRPG tropes, but for its brief run-ins with near-brilliance, something that few JRPGs can tout these days.

Bottom Line: Infinite Undisovery is an illuminating experience, but definitely not because of any excellent quality it possesses. On the whole, the game clings to the coattails of its genre compatriots like a frightened toddler, but during the brief moments that it stands on its own, the game shows faint signs of greatness.

Recommendation: Rent it. Infinite Undiscovery isn't awful by any means, but unless you're willing to put up with a number of semi-serious flaws, this one won't be spinning in your box for long.

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