Microsoft will change the avatar's appearence and will adapt it for project scorpio

A new job offer tell that Microsoft wants to adapt the avatars to have a better quality and a enhance appearance and make it compatibles with Scorpio and other devices. Wants other functionalities too

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Mr Pumblechook595d ago

Let me guess: The new Xbox avatars are going to be made less cute and more 'street' to match the Bro-Power image of the Scorpio!

595d ago
TheCommentator595d ago

I think they should go more in the direction of PS Home in regards to character models. We've already seen Avatars and Mii's in actual games, right? If Avatars looked realistic instead, then they could end up in realistic looking games instead of the cartoony stuff.

COD with your avatar? Your Avatar in Mass Effect, Fallout, GTA? Forza Horizon? It would be pretty sick, IMO!

TheCommentator595d ago

I haven't even looked at my avatar since getting my XB1. MS made them practically useless. Maybe they're finally going to be doing something more meaningful with the Avatars?

meka2611595d ago

Yea like more animations lol. I feel the same; avatars are just dumb, maybe if you could edit them better to make it your own, but it's just stupid outfits now.

Concertoine595d ago

Lol i hope Sea of thieves isnt getting held back so rare can work on avatars...,

For those that dont know Rare designed the avatar system on 360.

TheCommentator595d ago

@ Concertoine

The article is about a job listing to hire people to work on the Avatar system, so Rare is not involved in this project.

TheColbertinator595d ago

Hololens Lite + Project Scorpio

Ron_Danger595d ago

= too expensive to be marketed to the masses.

TheUndertaker85595d ago

Yet Sony is attempting to sell PSVR to the masses with a dev kit costing about the same. HoloLens would further offer more possibilities for developers as they'll be able to create PC or Xbox content.



Ron_Danger595d ago (Edited 595d ago )


so your defensive proof that that hololense + Scorpio will be priced competitively is by linking articles where devs kits for hololense are $500 more than PSVR devs kits?

So all the MS fanboys that said PSVR was priced too high are gonna be ok with this?

Before you post knee jerk reactionary comments, take a second to think about what you're typing.

TheUndertaker85595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

I already did. I find it awkward you chose to ignore the factor that content for HoloLens can run on more than console unlike PSVR.

For $500 more you can develop for both Scorpio and PC.

Either it's too expensive to market to the masses like PSVR or it isn't. Judging by information that can be found from factual outlets HoloLens isn't far from the competition then again, HoloLens development can be on more than one device.

Oh sorry. Did you just post a knee jerk reaction with a fanboyish perspective and influence? Looking to make the "facts" what you want them to be then ignoring published information? Better yet stating that I am providing evidence from more than just my own opinion masquerading as facts?

Ron_Danger595d ago

You might want to reread your posts and my posts. Mine are objective to the point where I don't even mention a manufacturer until after you do. Your posts consist of defensive "Sony too" responses.

You are confusing objective questioning with fanboy questioning because it challenges your thinking.

If Scorpio and Hololense both come in priced at $400 each then that's great because then it will be priced competitively with the competition. However, MS has stated that Scorpio will be a premium device (read expensive) so they aren't targeting mass adoption rate.

You have to look at this topic objectively. Scorpio + Hololense is going to be expensive when they both finally launch, end of story.

Since you like bringing up the competition, by the time Scorpio + hololense launch, there's a realistic chance that Sony will cut the price of the PS4 and PSVR. It's not unreasonable to think that Sony could offer a PS4/ PSVR bundle for $600 this holiday season which would be a huge blow to the Scorpio launch considering people are pricing it between $400-$700.

TheCommentator595d ago (Edited 595d ago )


So you think that the word premium is synonymous with expensive? Premium has a higher price tag than a standard product, obviously, but you cannot assume what that margin will be.

What we know about Scorpio suggests it won't be too expensive. It only consumes 250 watts, compared to about 350 for the Pro. It uses extensive optimization to raise efficiency, which will reduce cost vs. performance. They're using modified versions of inexpensive PC parts to maintain FC with XB1.

About the MR headsets. MS is already partnering to bring 2nd gen VR to Scorpio, but they specifically mentioned that MR would be coming to Xbox in 2018. As in MIXED REALITY... like Hololens is. There are companies developing hybrid VR/AR headsets that MS plans to utilize.

Also, your point was not objective. Your comment was a direct response to one made specifically about Scorpio. You think a comment with negative connotations towards Xbox, while ignoring the fact that Pro/PSVR are also, "...too expensive to me marketed to the masses." is being objective? lol. Yet you dog Undertaker for posting supportive links while you just blabber on about your twisted opinion and talk about MS fanboys. You're not being objective... you're being obtuse.

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shiva1595d ago

Off topic
Somebody on twitter can you please ask Phil if we need to tune into Build conference. He has appeared in this event before making minor announcements for PC and xbox. He did play a game of FH2 in one of the builds. There would be announcements for xbox (not games but features).

"While Build is a developer event, it also features a huge amount of company news. Last year, Microsoft announced a ton of new products and feature updates.
This year, Microsoft will undoubtedly talk about Windows 10, HoloLens, Visual Studio, .NET, Azure, Xbox, and everything in between. We expect there will be a big focus on AI, mixed reality, and the cloud."

Ron_Danger595d ago

Can't wait to see what the bottom of their shoes look like!!

XXanderXX595d ago

About time more is done with the Avatars .

christocolus595d ago

Agreed. Scorpio is already getting a UI upgrade thanks to the new hardware..It makes sense to upgrade the avatars too.

shiva1595d ago

Motion UI. Hope they show a glimpse of it during Build event.

omegaheat595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

Damn, looks like they are going all out with this console. Good times are ahead.

subtenko595d ago

Its all the rage...everybodys doing it... :|

shiva1595d ago

Citizens of Antarctica are not doing it. Who should we complain.... Damn them penguins for not following....

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