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Written by Max Moeller at The Koalition: The horror genre has been the butt of all sorts of experimentation these past few years. Location, tactics, and enemies have all been tampered with where we now have a cheeky little game where you break into your neighbor’s house just for the sake of it. It’s a brilliant thing to witness, and we wouldn’t be where we are today if games like Amnesia and the original Outlast didn’t come in to shake up the formula.

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Romudeth392d ago

I'm not man enough to play this.

Maxemole392d ago

Big fan of where they took the sequel. Not sure I can ever go back to the first after how much they improved the gameplay.

SwiffEpics392d ago

This seems like the type of game that I tell myself I'm too tough to be afraid of, and then I end up crying in the corner of my room some where.

SlightlyRetarted391d ago

I played the first one about an hour and then got spooked so badly i fell down from my sofa. Never played it again. I'm thinking about buying the sequel just to support these guys who made me shit my pants so bad.

rbailey392d ago

Definitely glad to hear that they improved on the first game and will certainly check it out at some point. Any survival horror game when you can't use weapons to get through it is an automatic win in my book.

aawells07391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

I wanna buy this but can't find it on either Sony or MS. Where can I find this and is it really coming out tomoro?

Maxemole391d ago

It should be out right now!

aawells07390d ago

Yeah thanks. I figured out that they weren't doing preorders/preloads. It wasn't on the store until it officially released.