Max Payne awarded PG-13 rating

SnagWire: "Max Payne Director John Moore has confirmed that the film adaptation of Max Payne will carry PG-13 rating when it premieres Oct. 17th. Earlier this month, Moore made clear that he was in a fight with the Motion Picture Association of America after being informed his movie "feels R."

In an interview with GameDaily, Moore states that they merely "trimmed some frames," but didn't make any major changes to the film. Moore was furious when the original R rating was dropped on them a few weeks back, and described some very explicit images focusing on Warner Bros. receiving oral pleasure along with a PG-13 rating for The Dark Knight, a film many would claim edges closer to the R threshold than Payne."

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jay23584d ago

Moor, you'r an idiot, the Games an 18 not for teenagers just out of pubity,

DavidMacDougall3584d ago

Im not going to see it now i wanted to see Max headshot people but not now .Like The Dark Knight i wanted to see the joker cutting fools but because its was not an 18 the camera just pulled away