Left 4 Dead PC system requirements released

SnagWire: "Valve has unveiled the system requirements for the PC version of its greatly anticipated scenario shooter Left 4 Dead. The forums claim they've received the specs from Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi..."

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TheColbertinator3433d ago

Easy Peasy.No problems with this one.My old computer can probably run this as well

TheIneffableBob3433d ago

So, basically, if you can play TF2/Ep. 2/Portal, you can play Left 4 Dead.

MAGNUM-RAM3433d ago

its a weak pc game that doesn't even have as many enimies on screen at the sametime the way resistance2 does.
resistance2 is 12 hours campain. Another Separate separate co-op campain that's 8 to 10 hours & a multiplayer that has infinite hours of gameplay with 30 on 30 customizablebattles. Left 4 dead & gears of war 2 combined couldn't match that. Graphically or interactivly. For $60 dollars what do you think?
Still not sure? Check out youtube for gaysofwar & left 4 dead. That should help back up my story. Move on from the
old way of playing games & get with today dude. I did.

whatis3433d ago

Still looking forward to this game though. I hope we get a demo soon.

Freezingduck3433d ago

And I bet Xbox360 cannot run without RRODING

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